2020 US election results live: Donald Trump has criticized “unfounded” allegations by the watchdog

2020 US election results live: Donald Trump has criticized "unfounded" allegations by the watchdog

Full Report: Biden has won enough to take over the White House

Joe Biden announced that he was winning enough states to lead the White House in the US election, with major battlefields in Wisconsin and Michigan being called up.

Speaking in his Delaware state, the former vice president said he will not declare victory, but he believes he is on his way to garner enough votes in the electoral college system to outrun President Donald Trump.

Biden said: “Obviously, we’ve won enough states to reach the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.

“I’m not here to announce that we’ve won, but I’m here to report that when the count ends, we think we’ll be the winners.”

This came at a time when the Trump campaign announced a lawsuit to temporarily stop vote counting in Pennsylvania, citing a lack of “transparency,” and that the president had also instigated legal action on the vote count in Michigan.

Additionally, the campaign has filed a lawsuit in Chatham County, Georgia, which essentially asked the judge to ensure that state laws were followed in absentee ballots, as Trump officials said they were considering entering dozens of other counties across the state with similar allegations.

Referring to the situation in Pennsylvania, Justin Clark, deputy campaign manager for Trump, said the president’s camp is “filing a lawsuit to prevent Democratic election officials from concealing the vote count and processing from Republican polling observers.”

The count continues in a battle situation – despite legal challenges to the Trump campaign Image credit: Getty Images

He said the campaign wanted to “pause the counting so that there is meaningful transparency and the Republicans can ensure that all counts are carried out above law and under the law.”

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