10 best campgrounds in Italy: 2020 ranking

CARAVANING uses user reviews for the following portals to calculate the highest rankings: ACSI, Zoover, Camping.info, Google, and Facebook. You can read more details about the ranking and the top ten in Europe Hthe first.

Row 10: Camping at Ca’Pasquali Village

The camping village of Ca’Pasquali

30013 Ca´Pasquali (Italy)
40 euros / night

The animation team received a lot of applause, for example from Giordano Jesualdo on Facebook: “The kids always looked at the little club because the artists treated everyone kindly, they took care of the children in a touching way. They always put their evening shows to set the mood until the day ended. Good. “. Michael Mike Anish was impressed with this “clean, manageable campground with a beautiful beach – always with pleasure”.

Your site: Ca’Pasquali camping village, Via Poerio 33, I-30013 Cavallino-Treporti, GPS 45 ° 27’10 “N, 12 ° 29’24” E, phone 00 39/0 41 96 61 10

Platz 9: the camping village of Rubicone

Rubicon Camping Village

47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (IT)
€ 42.50 / night

User “E. La” is a very nice compliment to Rubicone: “A campsite where you can feel or experience the Italian atmosphere!” He writes on google.com and also praises the “fashion” atmosphere despite its size. The range of sports on offer is particularly impressive, from free sailing schools to kickboxing. For Matthias Moch, “the best place ever” on his trip to Italy “The beautiful beach with a free parasol,” notes Henny Bregman-Augustin at www.zoover.com.

Your site: Camping village Rubicone, via Matrice Destra 1, I-47039 Savignano Mare, GPS 44 ° 09’53 “N, 12 ° 26’27” E, phone 00 05 39 41 34 63 77

Batz 8: Camping Union Lido

Camp Union Lido

30013 Cavallino / Venice (Italy)
82.50 € / night

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“What are you supposed to say …?” Ask users Torsten and Michaela on facebook.com. They admit: “We fell in love with the camp site. Our dog feels comfortable. Everything is clean, nice staff, even great restaurants. 5 stars from us!” The entertainment offer is incomparable, there are two water parks, theme parks and of course the beautiful beach. “Simply perfect for young and old. Endless fun, but also calm and quiet if you like it, “says Patricia Link Shopper.

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Your site: Camping Union Lido, Via Fausta 258, I-30013 Cavallino-Treporti, GPS 45 ° 28’02 “N, 12 ° 31’48” E, Phone 00 39/04 12 57 51 11

Platz 7: Camping Prà delle Torri

The campsite Bra delle Torre

30021 Caorle (Italy)
45 euros / night

Alfred C was initially put off by the size of the structure on the Adriatic. But: “We quickly realized that this was not a problem,” he told camping.info, “Once we arrived, we were surprised by the well-organized registration. With the golf cart, we were united according to our desires.” There’s an 18-hole golf course, then “beautiful swimming pools for all ages,” says user Roy at zoover.com. The playground on the beach is also very popular.

Your site: Camping Prà delle Torri, Viale Altanea 201, I-30021 Caorle, GPS 45 ° 34’26 “N, 12 ° 48’42” E, Phone 00 39/04 21 29 90 63

Platz 6: Dei Fiori camping village

Dai Fiori camping village

30013 Ca ‘Seaview (Italy)
€ 59.20 / night

The couple had bad luck when they were guests at Dei Fiori: “Unfortunately we were not fortunate enough to enjoy the good weather and swim in the sea, but even during the unpleasant camping season the staff do a great job to make the holiday a success,” a report to eurocampings. eu but the sun often shines and guests enjoy a dream beach on the Adriatic. Lauralice di Blasio says on Facebook: “Everything is so clean! Cool move!”

Your site: Camping Village Dei Fiori, Via V. Pisani 52, I-30013 Cavallino-Treporti, GPS 45 ° 26’56 “N, 12 ° 28’15” E, Telephone 00 39/0 41 96 64 48

5 ° Posto: the resort of Schlosshof

Luxury camping Schlosshof

39011 Lana (IT)

One review
41 EUR / night

For user Tiziana, “a lovingly designed structure”, by Miodrag Nussbaumer, “a beautiful and luxurious camping site, excellent sanitation and a beautiful swimming pool.” You can read comments like this on google.com, and are praised for good South Tyrol cuisine (gluten-free if you like), along with “attentive service”. Thomas Ellerman was a guest on the field for the second time, and his conclusion: “Absolute relaxation. Great service, nice staff. Whatever you need. Keep it up!”

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Your site: Schlosshof Resort, Feldgatterweg, I-39011 Lana, GPS 46 ° 36’43 “N, 11 ° 10’06” E, tel 00 39/04 73 56 14 69

Platz 4: Caravanpark Sexten

Caravan Park Sixteen

39030 Sesto-Moos (IT)

2 reviews
52 euros / night

Norbert T. On camping.info: “We would like to thank you for the hospitality at Batzenfeld Restaurant.” He liked “first class” food and “very good” service. Of course, the kitchen is happy and the caravan park in the Sesto Mountains has captured many users, including Oliver K. .: “A great site for camping with the best equipment (sauna area, pool, toilets, shop)”, he writes and adds a service add-on: “A starting point for many Of trips. “

Your site: Caravanpark Sexten,St. Josefstraße 54, I-39030 Sesto, GPS 46 ° 40’04 “N, 12 ° 23’59” E, Phone 00 39/04 74 71 04 44

Seat 3: Fedor Family & Wellness Resort

Fedor family camping and wellness resort

38036 Pozza die Fassa (IT)

One review
€ 31.50 / night

“Simply Wonderful From Scratch” Yasmine Kohr Space wrote on Facebook about this place in a gorgeous location overlooking the Dolomites. Vidor contains “everything your heart desires”, which piques user interest, from water park to climbing park and soccer field. User Danny Stiglish says: “Great place in perfect location, wellness area totally recommended”. Don’t forget: The Fasa Valley is a top winter sports destination, so a ski dryer is a natural thing.

Your site: Fedor Family & Wellness ResortStrada de Ruf de Ruacia 15, I-38036 Pozza di Fassa, GPS 46 ° 25’14 “N, 11 ° 42’29” E, Tel 00 39/04 62 76 00 22

Platz 2: Campsite Marina di Venezia

Marina di Venezia camp

30013 Cavallino Triporti (Italy)

3 ratings
€ 57.30 / night

“We feel at home in the marina and come back every year,” says Helga Winch on eurocampings.eu. He also explains why: “For us it is the best camping site ever. You are greeted warmly upon check-in, there are many shops, a well-stocked supermarket, a large water park and a wonderful wide sandy beach.” Here, not far from Venice, great water fun is guaranteed. Whether it’s a castle surrounded by a moat, a wave pool, or a glittering pool, there are always new attractions. Bigi M. has a great time with her dogs on the Beach Dog Swimming & Fitness course, also keeping an eye out at camping.info. I arrived at the end of the season and was happy: “Although the last opening week was hot, the people were friendly, the shops were open and the restaurants inviting you to eat and enjoy.”

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Your site: Marina di Venezia campVia Montello 6, Punta Sabbioni, I-30013 Cavallino-Treporti, GPS 45 ° 26’14 “N, 12 ° 26’17” E, Tel 00 39/04 15 30 25 11

First place: Jesolo International Club Camping

Jesolo International

30016 Lido di Jesolo (Italy)

One review
70 euros / night

“If you can award six stars, I will,” says Minrad Horat on google.com. For him Jesolo is “one of the best camping sites ever” in the most beautiful location in the blue Adriatic Sea. Even in the list of the best, Jesolo ranks undisputed first among European resorts. It is also a pioneer in environmental protection, because Jesolo is climate neutral. “We have recovered very well,” said Paul Optivo, who was on vacation here with his family. He commended the “wonderful gently sloping sandy beach, best services and best facilities”.

Jesolo guests appreciate the exclusive, all-inclusive concept, for example Kurt Gross lists everything he has tried besides relaxing on the beach: boat trips, mud baths, banana boats and pedal boats. A visit to the Caribbean Bay Water Park is included, of course, free of charge. Curt Gross promised: “We’ll be back.”

Your site: Jesolo International Club Camping, Via Alberto da Giussano, I-30016 Lido di Jesolo, GPS 45 ° 29’02 “N, 12 ° 35’16” E, phone 00 39/04 21 97 18 26

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