Russell Wilson gushes over “The Queen” Ciara at a birthday party


The NFL athlete takes to social media to wish his wife a happy 35th birthday, raving, “You are everything a man, husband, lover, friend, father, family, and our kids can ask for it!

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Russell Wilson takes a shower Ciara With love on her very special day. In celebration of “Level Up” striker ‘s 35th birthday, the Seattle Seahawks midfielder has taken to social media to beat his wife “The Queen” in a lover’s tribute.

On Sunday, October 25, the 31-year-old shared on Instagram two pictures of him, his wife and their children. “My queen. You are everything a man, husband, lover, friend, father, family, and our children can ask for it! You have sent heaven. You have changed my life for the better,” he began his long letter.

The NFL star continued, “You, my queen, are the loving mother of our three beautiful children. I am grateful for what you always love. Jesus wiped you from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet.” “You have changed generations with your music, dance, work and influence as a woman all over the world.”

Before concluding his sincere dedication, he added, “However, despite it all … the best thing about you is how you make our family always laugh and smile from ear to ear. We love how you twist your arms around us.” Declaring his love for the singer, “We love you forever. Dad loves you. Happy Birthday Babylove! Ciara.”

Hours after posting his sweet tribute, Russell received a sweet response from Ciara. His singer wife wrote again in the comments section, “Awe my love. All I want and need on my birthday is love. There is no joy better than feeling the most beautiful love you and our children make me feel. I am very grateful and content on every level of life. God. Very good. I love you very much !! ”

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Russell and Sara have been married since 2016 and share two children together, 3-year-old daughter of Siena Princess and 3-month-old son Wayne Harrison. In addition to the kids she shares with the athlete, the song “Goodies” also has a 6-year-old son, named Future Zahir, from her previous relationship with the rapper. future.

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