The White Tiger Netflix original review

After the 2021 opening is totally un-exciting with Outside the Wire, American giant Netflix Shift focus from action to drama, from Europe to India, with this Wonderful and successful white tiger, The adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name Written by Aravind Adiga. The film premiered last October in Rome Film FestivalWith a ban that lasted for months, and now it finally made it to the streaming platform, it is perhaps the brightest and most interesting example of Indian production in a dramatic context that never shines as it should in broadcast, neither style nor content.

The “problem” is the canons of Bollywood and the target audience, which has its roots in a cultural issue and customs – as well as artistic – a question that must be addressed more specifically, but in the context it suffices to know that in the context of a purely dramatic and cinematic language, White Tiger It is more than secret A collision between American cinematic and metric touch, Indian narration and intellectual quality.

From rags to riches

Indeed, already in its development, conversion Directed by Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes, Fahrenheit 451 your HBO) If you are present eat A. The geocultural disintegration of the American dreamWhich is moving from the United States of America to the east, towards eastern and more exotic regions, interspersed with the flavor, problems and customs of Indian society. The story follows the dark and epic comic rise of the narrator and hero, Balram is my sweet treat (Adrash Gourav), who became from a poor peasant a very successful businessman in modern India. A very shrewd and ambitious character, this one from Balram, who does just that To become the personal driver of Ashok and Pinky (Priyanka Chopra), young descendants of the Indian class who have just returned from America. His training was practically servant trainingSo my sweetie does his best to make himself indispensable to the two, even if he soon understands how they will do everything so that he is not fooled by his cunning. However, the dream of Ram is the ascent from slave to master, But not like the old leaders of the Indian sect, because the desire to become a new master, Enlightened leader In a contemporary, modern and increasingly Western country, both economically and technologically.

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White Tiger is a drama about injusticeCorruption and oppression of Indian society, they wear beautiful clothes as a thrill, even in the reading that Bahrani gives, which gives the novel An extra touch of satisfied sarcasm, Making it a kind of existential epic about the self-determination of the individual in a complex and opposite context, against everything and everyone, in revolt against order.

From a guiding point of view, The title is very American, especially in editing And in solutions to the narrative connection that he finds and tests, especially when he wants to “tarnish” himself here and there with harsh and critical black comedy. But the main value of the work is in writing Sharp, emotional and intelligent before Adiga but above all Bahrani, who managed to make an adaptation Great value for content Expanding and improving the themes and positions of the novel, giving it the appropriate cinematic clip, never being arrogant, wrapped in a silky and welcoming classic, which falls quietly on the eyes and interest of the viewer throughout the duration of the film.

Of all the excellent explanations that additionally increase the quality of work, Adrash Gaurav is impossible not to clap, An actor with an unusual expression and emotional intensity and we are sure that he will leave a wonderful memory in the mind of the audience.

A simple but deep title at the end, White Tiger, and Who He never hid his ambition without trying to show it off anyway Regarding the story, the characters, the development of Ram’s life and the context in which he grows, transforms, and discovers. A beautiful movie dedicated to the determination of modern man who becomes almost the antithesis of Bong Joon-ho Parasite, because with equal critique of social inequality, it describes the gray scales of the at-risk classes, trying to unite and show them (not with the same sophistication and punctuality) How all of this depends on who you want to be or become.

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