World Environment Day: “Trying to Live in Harmony with Nature” (ADES)

Senegal, like the international community, celebrates on Saturday 5 June 2021 the World Environment Day. On this day, the Alliance of Environmental Scientists of Senegal (ADES), established by the United Nations since 1974, is remembered as an opportunity to promote awareness and action for the world’s environment.


Indeed, this year’s World Environment Day theme is “Ecosystem Restoration”: preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems around the world.

The United Nations Decade kicks off…

Over the years, World Environment Day has become “The world’s largest platform for environmental public awareness and celebrated by thousands of people around the world“.This year’s celebration will see the launch of the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. A rallying cry around the world.”to heal our planet“.

Ecosystem restoration…

An ecosystem is a group of organisms that live in a particular environment or environment and interact with each other within and with that environment. Ecosystem restoration can take many forms: planting trees, greening cities, redeveloping parks, changing diets or cleaning rivers and coasts…..etc. In today’s world we have a civilization based on the extraction in nature of renewable or non-renewable resources.ADES asserts.

There is no endless growth…

The president of the Alliance of Environmentalists in Senegal, Baie Sala Mar, noted that in “Our daily practice, we are impoverishing the natural heritage. When we see the plight of populations, environmental problems, disasters and crises attributed to climate, and the degradation of ecosystems, we clearly feel that many things are going in the wrong direction.Hence, according to them, the urgency,Therefore, to understand that ecosystem degradation is the counterpart to processes directly related to our current patterns of production and consumption. There is no endless growth in a finite world“.

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Imagine another way to..

Faced with the challenge, we have to imagine another way of living, refocusing on the essentials, inventing a fruitful encounter with ourselves, making peace and trying to live in harmony with nature and orienting ourselves towards sustainable production and consumption methods.’,” they concluded in a note that reached Senego.

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