Work visa in the United States that more and more Colombians are getting

Shukair entered the United States on a tourist visa in 1999 and later married a US citizen he divorced in 2002 (Photo: Associated Press)

In recent years, the North American country for many Colombians has become an important destination to work in this field, and thanks to the H-2A visa, it has become possible to hire more people to fill these highly sought-after jobs on Earth. .

According to the Ministry of Labor in United State (Ministry of Labor) From 2016 to 2020, the issuance of this type of visa in the North American country increased by 58%. The most common jobs during 2020 under this work permit were agricultural workers and day laborers, although there is a significant portion of farm animals, livestock and aquaculture workers, according to El Tiempo, This type of business has increased greatly despite the COVID-19 health and immigration restrictions in recent years in the Donald Trump administration.

People who access this type of business or any other business must, first of all, Before going through the visa procedure, consult the temporary jobs available in the United States on the official website of the Department of Labor, as well as their description, duration, location, payment and connection, since one of the requirements to apply for an H-2A is a work order. According to the Colombian newspaper, The employers that hire the most temporary workers under this visa are: North Carolina Growers Association Inc, Fresh Harvest. inc and waffle.

The next steps are:

1). Apply for H-2A Before the National Processing Center in Chicago,

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2). Submit Form 1-129 to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services,

3). Apply for an H-2A visa from the US Department of State and complete the interview with the US Consulate of the country of originAnd the

4). Once approved, those who are approved mustEnter the United States at a United States Port of Entry.

It is important to pay attention to This visa is valid for three yearsTherefore, once the person meets this time, the beneficiaries must leave the country for a continuous period of three months to apply for the permit. What is more, Immigrants who manage to obtain an H-2A visa may bring their spouse or children under 21 years of age into the country under an H-4 designation, but those may not be eligible to work in the country.

on the other side, Once the visa is approved, employers must send a copy of the contract Where specified: times and dates specified, expenses for transportation, housing and food, applicable rates for harvesting or labour, location of work and the start and end date of the endorsement of the contract, supplies and tools will be made available by the same company at no additional cost finally, in the case of employees who are unable to return to their homes in On the same working day, the employer is obligated to provide free accommodation and three daily meals to each worker, as long as they do not exceed the specified cost, or at least provide free cooking facilities.

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