Winterthur needs an extra room to run the school

In Winterthur, an additional room is required for the workplaces of the school administration and social services.

The management of the school, sports and social services requires additional functions, since there is no longer enough space for them in the large residential complex. Therefore, the city rents a total of 856 square meters of expanded office space from Allreal Office AG on the Schützenstrasse 1/3 property.

The lease begins at the beginning of May 2022 and is initially limited to ten years. The population of Winterthur continues to rise steadily. In connection with this, the tasks and space requirements for workplaces in the city administration are constantly increasing.

The space requirements of the School, Sports and Social Services Department of the Social Department are linked to continued population growth.

Winterthur rents an additional 856 m² of space

In order to meet the additional space requirements of the school administration and social services, the city of Winterthur – not far from the Superblock – is renting a total of 856 square meters on the second floor of the Schützenstrasse 1/3 property of Allreal Office AG for more workspace and meeting rooms.

In the School and Sports Department, as a result of the steady increase in the number of pupils and supervisors, jobs are becoming scarce for the School and Computer Department (Schucom), among others, which have to perform additional tasks due to the ongoing digitization in schools and curriculum requirements 21.

This department will move to the buildings rented by the train and will be able to provide training rooms there for teachers and school administrators. By approving new municipal regulations on September 26, Winterthur voters also approved a new school authority organization.

This reform of the authorities, which will come into effect at the beginning of the academic year 2022 to 2023, will inevitably lead to additional job requirements in the School and Sports Department.

There is really very little room for sections today

Work is currently underway on the space requirements this reform will generate and where the add-ons will be placed in various organizational projects.

In social services, all three main departments of the large building (social counselling, social insurance, professional assistance and care services) already have very little space and are anticipating a further increase in the number of clients.

According to the current workplace model of the city of Winterthur, all possibilities of workplace densification have been exhausted at the present site.

Space can be created in superblock

Thanks to the relocation of about fifteen employees to Schützenstrasse, space can be created in the large building for departments with advisory functions and extensive communication with clients.

The lease on Schützenstrasse 1/3 begins at the beginning of May 2022 and is currently limited to ten years. The landlord is responsible for the necessary expansion of the rental space.

Total rental costs (including amortization of tenant equipment) are CHF 362,400 per year. These are the city administration’s restrictive expenditures that are properly budgeted.

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