Rock Art: Australia’s Oldest Kangaroo – Spectrum of Science

A rare finding: Australian researchers have accurately dated the representation of kangaroos to an age of about 17,300 years. It is thus the oldest known rock art in Australia that has been preserved where it was attached. The painting was placed on the ceiling of a tumbling rock in the Aungango clan territory in the country of Palangara, in the Kimberley region in northern Western Australia. In this area, the team of Damien Finch and Andrew Glido of the University of Melbourne, along with Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation, examined 15 more representations. The researchers’ coincidence helped determine age using the radiocarbon method: as they did in the specialist journal The nature of human behavior According to the report, they were able to date the images using the earthen nests of the digging wasps that lie above and below the panels.

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