Why is Taiwanese BNT buying big drama and not sporadic vaccines implicated in sensitive cross-strait relations? – BBC News Arabic

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TSMC President Liu Deyin (first from left) and Hon Hai Director Guo Taiming (second from left) were invited to meet with Tsai Ing-wen (first from right), which was considered an important turning point in the procurement of BNT vaccines.

The purchase of the BioNTech vaccine (called BNT in Taiwan, Fubitai in Hong Kong and Macau, and Pfizer vaccine in Europe and America), which has been simmering for several days in Taiwan, made significant progress this week.

Taiwan’s two major electronics makers, TSMC and Hon Hai, announced on Monday (July 12) that they have signed a four-way contract with Shanghai Fosun and Yuli Pharmaceutical, to confirm the purchase of 10 million doses of BNT vaccine, and the two companies will purchase 5 million doses to donate to Taiwan, and from The government is expected to arrive in Taiwan at the end of September at the earliest. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group also made an announcement on the evening of 11, announcing the deal.

It takes a long time to buy a vaccine that seems urgent and not difficult to the outside world. According to the external analysis, since the government began purchasing BNT vaccines in Taiwan last year, and the two companies finally confirmed the demand, the process can be described as twists and turns, involving the conflict between the two sides’ governments. Strait, the intervention of the United States and Japan, and even Germany’s vaccine-producing position. This vaccine purchase, which was originally a commercial nature, acquired a strong political color during the sensitive period of cross-strait relations.

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Behind the rare purchase model

It is up to the company to purchase such a large number of vaccines throughout the process, and the government is responsible for reviewing and deciding whether to approve them. This vaccine procurement model is very rare in current global crown epidemic prevention operations.

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