Germany – Initial consultations by CDU/CSU before talks with the Greens

Green leaders have previously accused the union of a lack of discretion. The Greens’ federal political director, Michael Kellner, said Tuesday on RTL/NTV “Early Start” that confidentiality has been agreed upon across all rounds. “The fact that communication is then made via Bild newspaper does not shed a good light on the situation at the union,” said Kellner, who is a member of Greene’s exploration team of ten. It was “remarkable” that something became known from the union’s only exploratory meeting – the meeting with the LDP on Sunday. “It really bothered us.” Asked if he was concerned about talks between the Greens and the union, and whether everything would be kept a secret, he said: “Yes, I am concerned.”

Green politicians Cem Ozdemir and Jürgen Tritten also expressed doubts about the negotiating power of the CDU and CSU. On Tuesday, Özdemir said on the “RTL Direkt” program that the fact that the results from the meeting between the PYD and the FDP were leaked was not exactly a vote of confidence and “a sign of internal management problems.” This is an indication that the union has a big problem.

Trittin said: “The decisive point today will be whether the CDU is willing and able to reach such negotiations and corresponding agreements at all.” “Germany simply cannot afford a month-long clarification process,” he said on the Deutschlandfunk website. At the same time, the politician, who belongs to the left wing of the party, stressed the differences: “We also know how dangerous the obstacles are.

Initially, the Greens and the FDP spoke to each other in two meetings. On Sunday, SPD leaders discussed successively with the FDP and the Greens in order to explore opportunities for a joint government coalition. On Sunday evening, a meeting was held between the Union and the Free Democratic Party. The Greens are seeking a traffic light alliance with the SPD and the FDP, but they do not rule out an alliance with the Union and the FDP. The FDP tends to be federated.

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After talks between the union and the Greens, it should become clear relatively quickly whether further rounds of talks are necessary before a decision is made on whether to start formal coalition negotiations. All parties announced that there would be no pending game for long. In Berlin, a traffic light government made up of the SPD, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party was initially expected to be negotiated.

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