When Riverdale 6 comes with Sabrina Spellman on Netflix

I’m a fan Riverdale They are waiting for its sixth season but when will we be able to see it in the Netflix catalog? Let’s start by saying that the new season of the CW teen drama, based on the characters of Archie Comics, brings good news, that is, a crossover with another Netflix series among the most popular in recent years: sabrina’s horrific adventures, definitively concluded in 2020 after four seasons. Fans of this little witch, played by Kiernan Shipka in the remake series of “Sabrina’s Charming Life“In the ’90s, they’ll be able to go back to see Spellman in a plot Riverdale 6. Sabrina, in fact, will appear in episodes of the sixth season of Riverdale With new adventures and stories to tell.

It’s one of those rare cases where, by appeal, the audience has been able to get their much-desired crossover, which will begin, in the United States, on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, on The CW. But let’s find out more about the crossroads of the stories and when we’ll be able to see Riverdale 6 on Netflix.

All about crossing between Riverdale 6 and Sabrina

The news of Sabrina Spellman’s return to the small screen was released by the lead actress herself, Kiernan Shipka who, via an Instagram post, posted a photo of her sitting in the director’s chair with her name and the name of the series. Riverdale Under. This does not mean that Sabrina will continue, but only that her main character will appear in an episode of Riverdale, specifically the fourth episode of the sixth season. At the moment, we don’t have plot previews on the upcoming crossover already mentioned by showrunner Aguirre-Sacasa who has never ruled out a collaboration between the two stories and a meeting between his series’ characters. This crossover may have been driven by the disappointment of Sabrina fans at the series’ finale after only four seasons.

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When Riverdale 6 comes with Sabrina on Netflix

We still don’t know how many episodes will be shown in Season 6. RiverdaleBut we know that the series starts on The CW with a 5-episode event on November 16th (the series has 19 episodes). The episodes themselves will be uploaded to Netflix a day later, starting November 17. Sabrina will appear in the Season 4 episode, which will likely air just before Christmas.

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