When La Casa di Carta 5 is released on Netflix

There is much anticipation to announce the date when new episodes of La Casa di Carta 5 will be added to the Netflix catalog.

Eleonora Redazione

The La Casa di Carta 5 release date is on Netflix It’s still a mystery: the fifth and final season of the Spanish series will not arrive on the broadcast platform in April 2021, and it has also been read insistently on the internet despite no official confirmations.

Although neither production nor Netflix has ever been confirmed in April (let alone April 7, 2021) as the release month of the fifth season of House of CardsAnd there were many fans of the series who were hoping to spend the spring in the company of the group. After officially entering what should have been the release month and there are no official announcements, the arrival of La Casa De Papel – Part 5 on Netflix returns to be a question mark.

When The House of Paper 5 comes out

At the time of writing this article, La Casa di Carta 5’s official release date has not been announced on Netflix.

The date of April 7, 2021 – and generally April 2021 – was a rumor that was never confirmed, but was covered by many newspapers, websites and social networks, to the point that it is “likely”.

Official Trailer for La Casa di Carta Season 5

So far, the official announcements for the final season of the Spanish series are:

On January 30, 2021, Netflix was released in Instagram Portrait of actors Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso – Professor and Berlin respectively – with caption ”Whatever happens, season five of The House of Paper will arrive“.

Upon completion of the filming of Season 5, a date began circulating in Spain: April 7, 2021, as the series’ possible arrival on Netflix. The date has never been confirmed, but it is so widespread that many newspapers considered it correct.

That is why these days so many articles are read on the network that deny this date: until now, in fact, it is not known when La Casa di Carta 5 will arrive to broadcast on Netflix.

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