“Cobra Kai” season 4 on Netflix

the Season 4 From Cobra Kai from the first episode and takes advantage of the nostalgic influence of the classics to delve deeper into the series’ characters.

You can watch Cobra Kai on Netflix

Cobra Kai where were we

The story takes place thirty years after the events of the first Karate Kid. Season after season, audiences resume their long-standing streak of discourse, finding Daniel Larseau and Johnny Lawrence clashing once again over their youthful pasts. But the two will have to deal with the return of John Criss, and that only means one thing: stopping Cobra Kai, before it’s too late.

Cobra Kai Review

Who loves karate Kid No need to be convinced. The 1984 movie is in your head and won’t leave you anymore. On the other hand, the teachings of Master Miyagi are of immense value, and not because they are learned in an unpredictable way by putting on and removing the wax from the apparatus. Beauty karate Kid (and Cobra Kai) is that it teaches one to walk on one’s feet without forcing one to follow a particular path. Daniel Larseau falls for it often, and makes many mistakes, given his critical (and let’s face it, stubborn) personality. But this did not prevent him from growing and understanding the value of karate, as a defensive tool, and as a necessary condition for finding the inner balance of the individual.

action and reaction

Cobra Kai He is in fact looking for his own way, by narrative but above all by stylistics. keep track of everything karate Kid It could have been a mistake. A flaw in originality that, with the passing of the seasons, would certainly have resulted in a loss of quality. The impression is that year after year the series is gaining a greater awareness of its means, finding a balance between food for thought and lots and lots of action. After all, we must not forget that with Cobra Kai, time flies, like the eagle in the uniform of the new team founded by Johnny Lawrence.

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Cobra Kai

Season 4 begins as Eagle Feng and Miyagi Do try to join forces to stop the project of an old acquaintance of Lawrence and LaRusso, John Criss in its infancy. However, pooling energies is not sufficient if a common basis is not found. And the series, between one hand fight and another, in most episodes shows a void, a space, like tatami mats, that must be filled with the movements and actions of the athletes.

Find your own way

The series grows with its characters, and does not stop delving into their weaknesses. Obvious flaws because that’s what makes them human. The model of the strict division of good and evil in cinema no longer works: it is too simplistic in defining who we are and who we want to be. Cobra Kai is precisely this tendency not to fall under the narrative and visual aspect, which shows his absolute insanity and flexibility with the virtues and flaws of each hero. When it comes to karate, every action can be decisive. Also, this season has shown all its charm and ups and downs.

We are waiting for the big show to start. long last.

Cobra Kai, actors

  • Ralph Macchio
  • William Zabka
  • Xolo Maridueña
  • Marie Vosser
  • Tanner Buchanan
  • Martin Cove

league Cobra Kai Produced by Overbrook Entertainment, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Sony Pictures the television

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