So Washington lends its side to China

if it was China was right? So indeed, the words uttered in the face of the United States Secretary, Anthony Blinken, by the director of the Bureau of the Chinese Central Committee for Foreign Affairs, Yang JiechiIndeed, what should we expect from now in the next few years in relations between Washington and Beijing? The United State “They are no longer qualified to speak to us from a position of strength,” the senior Chinese official shouted from his post during the tense Anchorage summit in response to Blinken’s rebuke in Dragon’s speech.

Was Mr. Jiechi’s exit just a daring daughter at the exact moment – a way, in short, to silence her American counterpart – or was it based on truth? He also wrote Asia Times, ToAmerican influence It is fragile in many Eurasian strategic areas. Meanwhile, China now has everything needed to thwart the United States’ attempt to build a coalition to curb its geopolitical ascendancy. Thus, we are witnessing two complementary movements. While Washington is committed to balancing the excessive power of China through its roots in the Asian continent, in a kind of revival Asia hub As for Obama’s memory, Beijing looks to the West, first and foremost, from a commercial point of view.

A matter of perception

However, there is a fundamental difference between the United States and China. The latter, in fact, is often “attractive” in the eyes of the countries he encounters on his way, in contrast to American power, which is often seen as in decline. Knowledge, Reality. It’s all about perception. As I mentioned Asia TimesThe way American politicians measure their national power would have become obsolete by now.

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In other words, the administration is adopting a method of measurement inappropriate for the twenty-first century. On the contrary, Chinese scientists seem to have developed A. The method of work more effective. is called Zong JolieOh Comprehensive national strength (CNP), which is the methodology that China uses to measure The power of the nation Compared to competitors. It is also for this reason, and above all, that Beijing has transformed itself, within a few decades, into a very serious American competitor.

Beijing’s “secret.”

The recipe that China uses combines multiple ingredients. Next to the so-called Tough salad indexWhich is characterized, for example, by economic wealth, military power, natural resources, or technology, we find that Soft powerUnderstood as culture, education, and political power. So far, we are faced with the classic distinction between hard and soft power made by Professor Joseph Nye. Modernity resides in two other types of “power” that Beijing has developed: Harmonized Strength Index And theEnvironmental indicator. In the first case, we are talking about showing the Chinese political decision-making process, the line of command and the leadership structure; These aspects have recently appeared to be more effective than those embodied in the democratic style. However, in the second case, we are facing some kind of environmental indicator, to be applied internationally.

In addition, there is a special evaluation system that includes, among other things, national strategic objectives, decision-making skills, and political stability. On the other hand, the United States believes that everything is based on it Military superiority. Well, Washington can, not just on paper, count on a stronger and more experienced army than the Chinese army. But given the gradual improvements, including military improvements, that China has made, how long this will continue to hold. The balance? Last but not least, the U.S. military is counting on TechniqueIt is the same backbone that leads Beijing to the top of all economic rankings. So America can no longer pretend nothing is happening. If the White House does not change its approach, the final passage of China will not be just a matter of time. It will also be very painful and difficult to digest.

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