When Fox News loses its place in the heart of Donald Trump

In the weeks that followed, the outgoing president escalated his attacks on the network. Fox News I forgot what made it successful!Trump wrote on Twitter on November 12. He encouraged his supporters to turn to very loyal channels: Newsmax And the The One America News Network (On).

I have received a lot of messages from Donald Trump supporters telling me that they have given up Fox News For reference NewsmaxJohn Geese, reporter, explains Newsmax He met at the White House.

Newsmax reporter John Jeezy saw an influx of viewers.

Photo: Radio Canada / Sylvan Richard

The numbers speak for themselves. Between the November 3rd and early December elections, my viewership was a week Newsmax Peak viewership jumped 68%.

the network Fox NewsWith millions of her viewers, she still dominates, but one of her competitors has managed to snatch a small victory. For the first time, on December 7, a host Newsmax Greg Kelly averaged 229,000 viewers in the 25-54 age group, compared to 203,000 viewers of Fox’s Martha McCallum at the same time, which is a first.

Controversial recipe

Newsmax On rushed to the breach opened by the conflict between Donald Trump and Fox News.

They shamelessly relayed Camp Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud, conspiracy theories and misinformation about the November 3 vote.

A parallel world in which Donald Trump did not lose the election and Joe Biden stole it. They stole it. They are thieves. It’s very, very clear that weak, sick and lazy Joe Biden can never win more votes than anyone in history., A host announced Newsmax Greg Kelly last week.

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Furthermore it, Newsmax She was forced to correct false statements made on her waves after threats of prosecution. The channel has reported conspiracy theories about the Smartmatic and Dominion electronic voting systems that allegedly passed the votes on to Joe Biden.

There is no evidence that Dominion and Smartmatic were used or reprogrammed to manipulate the votes in the 2020 elections In a very written two-minute clip, host John Tabko said Newsmax December 21. Smartmatic has threatened legal action. the channel Fox News It also aired a similar retreat.

Behind him read Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' faces

Host Greg Kelly on Newsmax

Photo: screenshot – Newsmax

On Newsmax, Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has gone back and forth in recent weeks of allegations that he has suffered stinging setbacks in court.

According to the newspaper editor Colombia Journalism Review, Kyle Pope is a stretch Lies And from here misinformation Shared by the White House under Donald Trump. This is what we have been living for four years, He refers to.

Even a close ally of Donald Trump, retired General Michael Flynn, has spoken on the airwaves NewsmaxUse of martial law to nullify election results in some states.

[Donald Trump] Military personnel could be used and placed in major states and a new ballot be held thereThe former president’s national security advisor recently said.

For some elected Republicans like Senator Rand Paul and David Purdue, a plateau Newsmax Became essential.

A transient phenomenon?

What future for these media organizations so closely connected with Donald Trump? The question is, how do people want to sponsor this type of content?Kyle Pope argues.

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I doubt President Trump’s hard-line crowd will still be when it leaves the White House, He adds.

Mr. Bob noted that Facebook and Twitter’s initiatives Fight misinformation It increases the complexity of accessing media content such as Newsmax And OANN.

To maintain his base crowd, Donald Trump can take matters into his own hands. Rumor has it that he could set up his own media organization, rival network, or have his own radio show.Kyle Pope explains.

John Geese, D. Newsmax, Convinced that Donald Trump will retain significant political weight. President, if you were listening to me, do not think I have put an end to youHe says smirk.

Evidence that Donald Trump, for conservative media, is still a major figure. His passing will allow us, within a month, to gauge how closely related their fates are.

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