What to watch on Netflix this weekend (October 8-10)

What are we watching this weekend? How many times have we uttered that sentence in front of the Netflix catalog, hesitating about which title to choose for the evening? Among the countless proposals that the broadcasting platform puts before our eyes every day to choose, but above all to make everyone agree, it is not so simple, especially if you do not even know where to start. Here then, for the regular reluctant series, you can enjoy some tips about the series of the moment on Netflix this second weekend of October. between squid game, the series being released on Netflix all over the world and hotly anticipated new releases like maid, based on the bestseller by Stephanie Land very smart, The new comedy of the streaming platform from the creators How do I meet your mother There is something for everyone.

Now all that remains is to choose whether to indulge in a weekend filled with the soap opera Life of the Janitor, it is light and fun ending alongside the adventures of a group of friends looking for love and their own place in the world or evenings out with friends. From horrific games Squid game.

For an introspective weekend, maid

Let’s start with the first serial tip this weekend, it’s called maid A new drama series based on the life of Stephanie Land, told in the autobiographical “The Cleaning Lady. Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive.”entered the New York Times Bestseller List. This new Netflix series tells the story of single mother Alex, who, after escaping an abusive relationship, works hard as a cleaner who barely makes enough of her life and goes out of her way to be homeless in hopes of giving her daughter Maddie a better future. . Narrated through the lively and playful voice of a desperate but determined woman, this series is a raw and stimulating exploration of a mother’s strength.

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All you need to know about the maid

For a weekend getaway in complete lightness, Pretty Smart

The second tip on streaming this weekend is all about new comics very smart from the creators Crazy Ex Girlfriend NS How do I meet your mother. The story told is that of Chelsea (Emily Osment), an arrogant Harvard-educated intellectual who aspires to become a writer, who, after being suddenly abandoned by her boyfriend, is forced to move to the West Coast and go to live with Claire. (Olivia MacLean), the effervescent, carefree and uncultured sister, and with her three eccentric and not-so-smart co-workers: Grant (Greg Sulkin), a personal trainer with crushing charm, Solana (Cynthia Carmon), ex-lawyer turned therapist, and Jaden (Michael Hsu) Rosen), one of the influential figures on social media. Chelsea gradually abandons prejudice and hard armor as she gets to know her new friends better, creating an unusual family. A hilarious, deep and ridiculous comedy that would be entertaining but also reflective. One of those titles that have to be looked at lightly but then know how to surprise us.

Everything we know about Pretty Smart

For evenings dedicated to mind trips, the game Squid

Let’s move on to last weekend’s tip. If you are among the few who haven’t seen him yet, you have to get him back by force. We are talking about squid game The Korean Netflix series that in a very short time has taken the podium in the top ten of streaming platforms almost all over the world. Falling into the genre of survival games, in an innovative and surprising way, this Korean drama moves inside a shocking game that, if won, will allow the participants to earn 45.6 billion won and change their lives forever. What makes this series interesting, which is becoming more and more popular all over the world (in the top ten on Netflix Italy is the first) is the peculiarity of the plot, excellent script and the still dazzling pastel color picture. squid game It is undoubtedly the series of the moment, not to be missed and enjoyed until the last minute with its shocking ending, and there are already those who dream of a second season.

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