What photos can be taken with the Leitz Phone 1 but not with the AQUOS R6? Leica Edition Camera Deep Drill Review – Engadget Japan Edition

The Leitz Phone 1 was just launched the other day. It is the world’s first smartphone that is fully supervised by Leica. Leitz Phone 1 is a model based on Sharp’s AQUOS R6 and sold exclusively by Softbank.

Leica, a well-established German camera brand, is still worried about camera performance. A comparison between the Leitz Phone 1 and its brother AQUOS R6Article by Toru IshiiThis time, I will focus on the camera performance of the Leitz Phone 1 and its review.

What unique features of the Leitz Phone 1 does the AQUOS R6 have?

As mentioned earlier, the base model of the Leitz Phone 1 is Sharp’s AQUOS R6, and the hardware such as the 1-inch sensor and Summicron lens are the same as the AQUOS R6 for camera, which is the focus of the Leitz Phone 1. The primary camera performance is compatible with the AQUOS R6, so what does the Leitz camera look like Phone 1?AQUOS R6 ReviewI think it will be easier to understand if you look at it.

There are two main features of the Leitz Phone 1 that the AQUOS R6 does not have.

The first is the custom monochrome modeLetz look

On the AQUOS R6, monochrome shooting was achieved by setting the tone to 0 in manual mode, but the Leitz Phone 1 is equipped with the original Leica “Leitz Looks” monochrome mode.

The second is digital zoomBright frame typeIt is the point that has become.

While a typical camera zooms in to show the same shooting range on the screen, the Leitz Phone 1 displays a frame indicating the shooting range, i.e. a bright frame. This makes it possible to shoot with awareness of the surrounding information at all times.

Another difference is that the shutter sound is as refreshing as the M-type Leica, the Leica font is used and the user interface is slightly different. However, these are differences in usability and have little effect on the appearance of the image, so this timeLook Leitz and bright frameWatch out.

Leitz searches for Leica-like monochrome photography

Now that color photography is mainstream, black and white photographs are generally created by filtering with an app or desaturating with an app like Lightroom. The creation of the image will be different depending on the algorithm used at the time.

▲ This is an RGB sample captured with an AQUOS R6 with Hue set to 0.

▲ This is an RGB sample captured using an AQUOS R6 with Hue set to 0.

▲ On the other hand, this was captured with Leitz Looks on Leitz Phone 1. You can see that Leitz Looks are darker and have higher contrast

▲ On the other hand, this was captured with Leitz Looks on Leitz Phone 1. You can see that Leitz Looks are darker and have higher contrast

In the world of black and white photography, there are soft and hard terms. Soft tone is a black and white photograph with a gentle gradation like gray scale. High contrast is a high contrast black and white photograph in which light and dark are clearly separated. In Leitz LooksSlightly harder than the AQUOS R6It will be more impressive and impressive picture.

In the scene where the difference in brightness is obvious, the shadow is soaked wet and generallyRefined black and white photographywill end. In addition, it is a smartphone with a 1 inch sensor that the outer sky does not explode and the texture of the clouds remains.

Monochrome is fine in light-graded scenes. When you see a spot light like backlight or sunlight through trees, it means “Let’s shoot monochrome”Unique to Leitz Phone 1 with rich gradient expressionThink.

Bright frame type is a composition idea

Next, I would like to talk about the bright frame, which is the second function of the Leitz Phone 1 that the AQUOS R6 does not have. The bright frame type digital zoom is ideal for crafting composition ideas because you can think about where to cut while capturing the entire scene.

▲ For example, this place is centered around a tall skyscraper, but if you use a bright frame, you can think carefully about how to add margins to your photos.

▲ For example, this place is centered around a tall skyscraper, but if you use a bright frame, you can think carefully about how to add margins to your photos.

The Leitz Phone 1 and AQUOS R6 both have a digital viewing angle by default, but the Leitz Phone 1 has a bright bezel.You can check the entire viewing angle immediately after launching the Camera app.So the range of ideas expands.

Here, I wanted to use the building as the main character and the curved stairs as the supporting character, so I cut it in a balanced way. Because you can see the whole thing.You can take intentional photos

The Leitz Phone 1’s zoom isn’t an optical zoom like the Leica Q series, but it’s a digital zoom, so you might think, “I should shoot at an ultra-wide angle and crop it later.” The point is valid and reasonable, but the point is whether or not you actually had an image at the time of shooting, and just seeing something close to complete from the start will give you a response and improve your shooting experience. Of course, how he feels depends on the person, but …

Photo ○, how to take composition ○, photo opportunity ×

With the M-type Leica and Leica Q series, you can easily target the subject that comes in frame with the bright bezel, but the Leitz Phone 1 isn’t very good at that and tends to miss a photo opportunity.

This is a scene where I tried to take a picture of a working car with AF and AE stabilization.

I thought that the moment I pressed the shutter, I was sure to catch the car, but the result was as follows.

Like the AQUOS R6, the Leitz Phone 1 has a delay in shuttering, so even if you press the shutter, you can usually remove it.

The Leica is a camera loved by the great photographers of the 20th century, such as Henri Cartier Bresson and Ihei Kimura. I think everyone has seen monochrome shots that capture the defining moments in particular.

The Leica camera, which was quite compact at the time, was able to take natural pictures without directing without alerting people. Now that we are a smartphone community, smartphones are more familiar with our lives than cameras and do not give us a sense of caution.

Meanwhile, when I heard that Leica released a smartphone for the first time, I usually wanted to take a shot like the one taken by the master of the photo session. I’m not a Leica user, so I don’t know, but especially if you’re a Leica fan, since some users Leica They paint the Leica logo in black to make the camera less visible because they want to take natural shots.You’ll want to take a snapshot with the Leitz Phone 1Think.

▲ I was able to catch a running motorbike by taking continuous shots before snapping into the frame.

▲ I was able to catch a running motorbike by taking continuous shots before snapping into the frame.

For this purpose, even if it is a little out of focus, even if it is clipped laterFirst of all, it is important that you capture the decisive moment with your own willAnd while the M-type Leica and Leica Q series can do this, the Leitz Phone 1 suffers from terrible lag. I don’t think it’s an issue with other smartphones, but it’s a bit disappointing considering that the Leica smartphone, the king of shots, has a bright bezel. (Of course, you can use AI direct shutter for 4K video in addition to the AQUOS R6, but in the case of stills, you’ll miss the opportunity to take pictures while switching settings.)

Letz phone

Letz phone

The Leitz Phone 1 is a smartphone and not a camera (although the Leica red patch logo stands out), so it’s perfect for blending in with the surroundings and eliminating marks, and the Leica looks natural rather than high saturation and high contrast tend to be a smartphone camera, It’s the feeling of air itself. The shutter sound is also quiet and frightening like a custom M-type Leica, so the rest is tooSpeed ​​does not miss the crucial momentIt felt better if there was. I have high expectations for future updates and next generation models in this regard.


Finally, here are some examples taken with Leitz Phone 1.

This is a photo I tried to capture a defining moment. I’m not very good at framing, so I was aiming to mark the timing that the bold woman would finish.

Since the zoom is 2x in the dark time, the bushes in the background are almost opaque, but on the contrary, the bus stop is in the foreground and the line of sight is directed there.

This is also magnified by 2x in the dark time zone, so the resolution is poor, but the thinner light of street lighting can be expressed. Leitz looks great for transmitting soft air to light.

When I try to take a shot with a wide angle lens and see a part that looks like a frame like this, I just shoot it.

With the AQUOS R6, there is no choice but to shoot at 0.7x to take advantage of the 1″ sensor! I thought, but when I had a bright frame, I felt like I was told, “I have an inch, so I can shoot more freely,” and I was able to shoot with free ideas.

By the way, like the AQUOS R6 and Leica Q series, if you shoot in JPG + RAW, the RAW will be saved with a full 0.7 x 1 inch wide angle sensor, so you won’t regret saying “I should have taken a wider shot!”..

Of course, you can also enjoy a dynamic viewing angle equivalent to 19mm that takes full advantage of the 1-inch sensor. Only Leitz Phone 1 and AQUOS R6 will be free to play with this small camera.

As I mentioned in my AQUOS R6 review, the picture has a Leica-specific feel and transparency. Atmosphere as if you were there. After all, I think the Leitz Phone 1 is the camera I want to use for my shots.


The camera on the Leitz Phone 1 is basically the same as that of the AQUOS R6,Leitz looks and glamorous tiresUnique functionality makes you feel like Leica has been added, and the finish makes you think, “Oh, I’m using Leica.”

In addition, Leitz Looks, which looks like Leica, appears to be active in black and white photography, and the presence of a bright frame changes consciousness at the time of filming. Both are similar to the traditional Leica way of shooting, and even me, a non-Leica user, felt that my skill had improved, and it was a very enjoyable shooting experience.

For this reason, the speed issue looks more disappointing than the AQUOS, and while it’s a model that camera enthusiasts are more likely to get than the AQUOS, the user interface isn’t camera-like but smartphone-like (like AQUOS).

It was announced that the collaboration between Leica and Sharp will continue for a long time, and a successor is expected. In the field of cameras, Leica has been publishing shots by reducing their size and weight, but based on experience with the AQUOS R6 and Leitz Phone 1, we are paying attention to what kind of approach we will take in the field of smartphone cameras.

Personally, if the lens hood was attached to a magnet, I think it would be interesting to have a dedicated conversion lens or a zoom/MF ring attached to that magnetic force. What about Leica?

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