Samsung is ready for the next foldable screen technology

Sunday, November 28, 2021 09:00 AM (GMT +7)

Galaxy Slide with sliding screen might be the next big idea in Samsung smartphone segment.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is currently the best foldable screen phone today and will get the “successor” of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 next year. But the next frontier of foldable phones and their display technology Samsung Maybe a sliding screen.

This was revealed from the small website of Samsung Display – the new era of the OLED screen. This website shows some of the thin and flexible OLED displays from Samsung Display.

Galaxy S Flex.

While the foldable square screen is applicable to the current Galaxy Z Fold series of phones, the site also suggests that Samsung one day release a screen technology called “Flex OLED” on phones with sliding screens.

By using Ultra Thin Glass (UTG – Ultra Thin Glass), Samsung is able to effectively create a phone or tablet with a sliding screen, allowing embedded devices to expand into a portable.Handheld device with a larger screen.

In fact, the concept appeared in the Oppo X 2021, a phone with a screen that extends outward, flattening the edges of the foldable screen on both sides – sliding out behind the phone smoothly, effective in creating a larger screen. Samsung’s “Slidable Flex” concept will likely follow this system.

Samsung is ready for the next foldable screen technology - 3

Samsung is ready for the next foldable display technology.

The design style could be for a slim phone when the screen is wrapped around the back. However, the foldable screen has a 1.4R curvature – as in the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which could allow Samsung’s foldable screen to fit more closely into the phone’s frame, making the device thinner.

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Of course, Samsung did not mention any devices with sliding screens, sources also revealed only the renderings. On the other hand, Samsung has been innovating in screen technology and device form factors for a long time, so trying to build a sliding screen phone is not a “leap”.

Innovations in Flex OLED can also be applied to the next generation Galaxy Z Fold, which offers a sharper bend and therefore a flatter fold. This will solve one of the negative points of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – which is very cumbersome when folded.

Of course, the public will have to wait until at least 2022 to see what Samsung does next. Early next year, the company is likely to launch the Galaxy S22 series. And apparently, at the moment, the company is at the height of the times smart phone With an innovative and flexible screen.


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