Aline Rotter-Focken and the happy ending in the final battle at the Olympics

aHen Aline Rotter-Focken feels her arms tear, and her body tenses. She immediately presses her hands and feet to the ground. She pushes her eyes out of their sockets. She squeezes almost anything she can squeeze out. But the arms are constantly ripping her off. Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. Continue like this for five, six, seven seconds. maybe more.

In moments like this, seconds really should feel like hours. And when she now hits the ground and defends Adeline Gray, the woman who pulls her, with everything she has, hands, feet and even eyes, she decides for Allen Rotter-Fuckin for so much more than wrestling on the mat. When she can no longer be deceived, she will win not only the last battle but also the biggest battle of her life.

A few minutes ago. It’s Monday night, Mukuhari Messi, Hall A, women’s wrestling up to 76kg, Olympic Games final. On the carpet, wearing a red suit, Adeline Gray from the United States, 30, five-time world champion, number one in the rankings. Then comes Allen Rotter-Focken from Germany, who is also 30 years old, but only once was the world champion, number two in the ranking list. The numbers say: Here comes the intruder. But she doesn’t look like the one in the blue suit. She dances in front of the assistant from the hall, who is supposed to show her the way to the carpet. Why wait, she knows where to turn. She claps with her coach, Patrick Luce. They have worked together for ten years. Clap again, cheer up again. Later, Lewis will tell how he briefly thought of the big end in the hotel room – and then quickly returns to the big goal: “We wanted gold here. We don’t want silver.”

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“I can’t let that be taken from me.”

On the carpet, Aline Rotter-Focken quickly looks like gold, not silver. The referee gives her a point because Gray wrestled so passively. 1-0. She then countered Gray’s attack and pushed her to the ground. “If she jumped, she had to take advantage of that to respond to her, and that’s what happened,” Loës says. 3-0. Then until it knocks Gray. 7-0. He is only pushed out of the ring once. 7:1. But then hold your arms.

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