What is HI-VIEW and why is it important for your next TV to have something like this

When you choose a new TV, we know that you usually choose it based on its characteristics, the company’s reputation, and the desire to do well for as long as possible.

Source: SmartLife / Hisense

When it comes to good features, there is one thing everyone has in common – today there is no good Smart TV, be it laser TVAnd the ULED Or any other type – without the “heart” of any smart device!

Believe it or not, the basis of every smart TV today, as well as a computer, is the processor!

The processor is responsible for all these advanced technologies, it manages and adjusts them, uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks and allows the TV to work flawlessly.

Regardless of whether the lighting is the strongest that has been achieved, the correspondence when changing the resolution from standard to 4K format or the achievement of clearer and more expressive colors, everything, except for hardware dedicated to these features, is greatly reduced to the processor.

Therefore, Hisense TVs use the latest Hi-View processor (the company also calls it an engine), which is designed to manage all TV options and currently perform all user requests.

Hi-View Engine is the brain of Hisense for all ULED TVs, which controls color, contrast and motion to the optimum level for a better and better viewing experience for any content and in all TV usage conditions (bright, dark, noisy or quiet room). Hisense’s Hi-View Engine improves image quality on everything you watch and provides streaming capabilities.

Hi-View Engine takes care of Hisense TVتلفزيون:

  • Better TV Contrast
  • To make the picture clearer
  • To make the colors more expressive, saturated and original
  • Helps convert lower resolution to higher resolution
  • Optimize lighting and apply HDR
  • It helps to watch sports programs
  • Sharpens content when needed
  • Allows the use of smart applications and features
  • Supports the use of the Internet on TV
  • Reduces noise during programming and broadcasting
  • Iron the animation to make it always look smooth
  • It allows the use of voice commands, assistants, and more.

Depending on the specific version of the TV, there is also a Hi-View Engine processor, which can have a larger number of cores, a higher speed and be able to perform more operations at the same time. Hi-View Engine Pro is also here as one of the processors designed for TVs that delivers unrivaled picture quality in all conditions.

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ULED is available with us televizori Hisense U7 I Hisense U8 SeriesAll details about Hi-View Engine and other features of these TVs can be found on the official website.

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