They decided to involve artificial intelligence in personality analysis on social networks – RBC

The Analytical Center ordered a study, the purpose of which was to create a “reliable technique for diagnosing personality traits.” They want to use it to evaluate people who make government decisions or major companies

The authorities decided to use artificial intelligence for psychological diagnosis of a person based on data from social networks. Tender for research in this area worth 36 million rubles. The Institute of Systems Programming announced. NS. Ivannikov Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS), Should From the data on the public procurement portal. Attention to the document fee Kommersant.

The general client of the project is the Analytical Center of Government (AC). As follows from the tender documents, the results of the competition will be announced on Monday, November 29, and the contractor must complete the works by September 2024.

The documents say that the use of digital traces (data left by a user during any online activity) provides “great opportunities to assess a person and predict their behavior” without psychological testing, which requires voluntary consent. The client attributed social networks to one of the sources of these effects.

According to the client, predicting behavior is interesting from a business or political point of view, especially if a person can make major decisions, develop a valuable product, create a creative work, or become the author of a fundamental discovery.

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