What Is Ford Executing In The Woods With This Outrageous Mustang Mach-E?

There’s a weird movie that popped up on YouTube a couple times in the past. It operates just about two and a 50 % minutes, in the course of which we see what appears like a stripped-down Ford Mustang Mach-E. By that we suggest it is lacking body panels and glass, and oh yeah, it is receiving thrashed about like some gymkhana newb auditioning for a part in Ken Block’s next video clip. What in the blue hell is going on right here?

Before we even attempt to solution that concern, we can not support but experience a bit suspicious about the total factor. This clip is titled Secret electrical vehicle testin [sic] and it is the only online video on what appears to be a brand new YouTube account called Carolina Male. The digicam look at has additional shake and awkward motion than a Blair Witch sequel, and however this automobile magically stops in these a way as to grant the intrepid videographer a crystal apparent shot of the automobile. How hassle-free.

In actuality, just about all the things in this movie – from the shaky digicam to the pretty slender “cover” and the sudden exodus after evidently becoming identified has our BS meter on significant notify. If this is not a entirely staged online video we’ll eat our shorts, and judging from the several YouTube commenters on the clip, we are not the only kinds who feel that way. Nonetheless, here’s exactly where points get fascinating. Does it subject whether or not or not this is staged?

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Thanks to a commenter, we know this Mach-E video was taken at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Investigation (NCCAR) and that is also verified by Jalopnik. It is not just the skunkworks, but the place is safe and many car or truck corporations do occasionally use the facility. The auto absolutely seems serious, and Ford must be concerned in some way given that the Mach-E isn’t even in production nonetheless. So as soon as all over again, what in the blue hell is occurring in this article?

With no official assertion readily available, we’re still left to speculate. The actions seen in this article are definitely pretty gymkhana-esque, and Ken Block definitely has a shut marriage with Ford. In addition, Ford let Block post an in-depth video clip of him testing a Mach-E prototype again when the car was introduced. This could effectively be a prepared viral video from possibly camp to boost a new gymkhana endeavor that includes the Mach-E. Indeed, Block turned over the franchise to Pastrana for the upcoming major romp, but that won’t suggest a bonkers Mach-E couldn’t make an appearance.

Equally, a staged viral clip feels like a thing that would not come from Ford suitable, but a company shut to Ford like Shelby or RTR. The two build modified Mustangs, and inspite of this staying a five-doorway EV crossover, it does put on Mustang badges. Most likely we’re hunting at a prototype for a Shelby Mach-E? Or maybe Ford Functionality is performing with a examination mule to see what sort of updates could be of desire to consumers? For that issue, “leaking” these kinds of a online video could provide to generate a bit of hype for the typical Mach-E, which won’t go on sale until the slide.

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If you have any interesting theories to incorporate – or if you are an insider just dying to spill the beans on the venture – converse now or hold out for the upcoming “spy” video clip to arrive.

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