What are Netflix’s plans before canceling?

The TV horror series Marianne was canceled last year by Netflix after only one season. However, the TV show has been widely praised not only by the audience but also by the critics. So why was it canceled?

Marianne was a Netflix France product released on 13th September 2019 With him 8 episodes Which constitutes the first and only season. The story she tells is the story of Emma Larsimon (Victoire du Bois), a horror writer who is forced to return to Elden, the city where she spent her childhood, to investigate a series of mysteries that seem to link her writing inseparably. Fantasy about the witch Marianne to the confusing facts that happen in the real world. The January 17, 2020Samuel Bowden, the show’s presenter, announced in a post to his Instagram that the series had been canceled.

It’s not often that Netflix spurs its decisions on renewals and cancellations and in Marian’s case the reasons can be hidden “Preparation”. Given that, in fact, the first season of Marianne was released on September 13, 2019, Netflix definitely gave the show a quarter to get a good number of views. We do not have data on how popular the series was at that time, but we know with certainty that the series did not reach fame until after it was canceled, and it may have become famous precisely because of its cancellation. Arguably, Netflix expected better results from the start, and didn’t think that after deciding not to revamp it, the product would become so popular that it would attract positive reviews even from horror gurus like King Stephen.

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While we leave you for a first look at the Marianne TV series and subsequent Marianne review, it’s your turn now: What do you think of the reasons behind the cancellation Marian From Netflix?

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