Predictions: Democrats secure control in the US Senate | Current news

ATLANTA – Democrats in future US President Joe Biden, according to US media forecasts, gained control of the US Senate with two run-off victories in Georgia.

Democratic candidate John Usoff defeated former Republican candidate David Purdue, NBC and CBS anchors as well as the AP reported on Wednesday. Previously, Democrat Raphael Warnock had already declared a winner in the race against Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

With a de facto majority in the Senate, Biden can govern through the next congressional elections within two years – provided the Democrats unite in Congress. According to forecasts, Democrats now hold 50 of the 100 seats in the US Senate. The deadlock could be resolved by future Vice President Kamala Harris in favor of the Democrats – she has that power in her job as speaker of the Senate.

This means that the Democrats have a de facto majority in the council, which, among other things, should confirm Supreme Court candidates and top government positions. Additionally, senators play a critical role in legislation. You also have the final say on impeachment.

Current US President Donald Trump continues to raise groundless allegations of fraud in the November 3 presidential election. There were concerns among Republicans that this would undermine the chances of success for Republican candidates in Georgia.

There were concerns that Trump’s allegations of “stolen” votes could prevent Republicans from casting their votes. The Republicans were better off in Wednesday’s run-off: one victory would have sufficed to defend their majority in the Senate.

On November 3, the United States voted not only on the future president, but also on the composition of the House of Representatives – the other room in Parliament – and about a third of the seats in the Senate. Each state is represented by two senators. In Georgia, both seats were an option. None of the candidates obtained the absolute majority required in the first vote.

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On Tuesday, both parties announced that the elections were crucial for the country, and expressed the hope that there would be a high turnout from their camp. According to election officials, it is estimated that more than 4.5 million people participated in the run-off elections. In the November elections there were just under five million.

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