We will enter Taxisnet via SMS for added security

Another step for our entry into TAXISnet is performed by ΑΑΔΕ For more safety. In particular, taxpayers will have to enter a code that will reach their mobile phone via SMS in order to enter the system.

As stated in the decision published in the Official Gazette, In addition to the known steps that exist so far, such as entering your username (password) and password (password), you will soon be prompted to enter extra password Which will reach us by text message on our mobile phone, the number of which, of course, we must be registered with AADE.

This change is expected to take place in TAXISnet, according to the dikaiologitika.gr website, within the first months of 2022. It is part of the decision to register new users and re-register users to his online services TAXISnet. Therefore, in order to file a tax return, print tax returns, or use other tax services, our mobile phone must be with us.

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