We celebrate our twenty-fifth birthday. These are the people who do Živě.cz for you

Today, it has been exactly 25 years since the launch of the news website Živě.cz. Although the term “news site” is very recent and inflated for how simple a static page was at the time. Even with “Živě.cz”, it’s more complicated. From the very beginning, we worked at zive.cpress.cz. We didn’t get a current domain until three years later (for free!).

The editors of Živě.cz anticipate the future. In 25 years we’ll be watching the same video for our laughs:

The “shooting stories” may be countless, but this time we don’t want to feel nostalgic. We like to show you who Živě.cz works for you today and how they see the distant or distant future. Whatever the real future, we can promise we’ll be there and let you know.

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The first version of the live broadcast and an announcement promoted the launch of the site in the print magazine Computer. The media world looked completely different after that…

The first direct invoice has already been lost, but we found a site backup from 1997, where articles dating back to 1996 can also be found. www.zive.cz/zive1997, where the historical Živě.cz is displayed.

It will be useful to prepare something new on the web for your birthday. You can find it on Živá today after 7pm, come see. And if you want to give us something, it might be a voice in progress Křišťálová Lupa . Poll.

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