No More “Phone Offline” on WhatsApp Web: Tips to Fix It

In the western world one of the mobile apps With more downloads The WhatsAppand in the area Applications from instant message His leadership is indisputable. In recent weeks and even after the digital blackout of Facebook social networking site Which disrupted the service, its popularity has continued to grow among those who find the most convenience when connecting from their smartphone to participate in chats, but a large number of users prefer WhatsApp Web, especially those who benefit from it in profession And education, mainly in distance routes.

method the computer Sometimes you encounter a series of situations that cause malfunctions Connection From the program, by not allowing you to easily read messages, but in this way you will be able to solve it.

Offline phone on WhatsApp Web

Many circumstances can be easily fixed if your chat messages are delayed or not downloading as they should. When you see the message Offline phone On WhatsApp Web, follow these procedures to get back to normal:

WiFi connection. Check the speed of your network connection, although it may also happen that the modem does not cover the place where your computer is located. When replacing it, have some patience to check that WhatsApp has reconnected and signal reception has improved.

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System failure. While this situation is not something we can fix ourselves, it can explain the failure of the application when the service is interrupted due to a power outage or a connection to the servers.

Log out. If at this point you have not figured out why the legend in question appears on a recurring basis, the next step is to restart the session and access it again as usual by connecting your device to the QR code scanner.

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Your smartphone is too far. Although the company has already reported the entry of multi-device mode into operation, it is possible that some devices still rely on cell phone proximity to work.

In addition to being near your computer, you should make sure that there is enough charge in the battery to work without difficulty.

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