Vivo, Netflix’s summer animated movie review

vivo It is the new summer animated film produced by Netflix NS Sony Which, after he suggested to us just two months ago about the pleasant surprise that turned out to be mitchell against machines, Try to repeat his success with this movie that will be available on the streaming platform starting August 6th which brings us into the world of hot music with a Latin look and sparkling capable of conveying all the emotion and The colors of the world of South America and beyond. Let’s find out together what a preview of this feature film has reserved for us, with a limited duration of approximately one and a half hours.

vivo, all the colors of rhythm and love

vivo Not only the title of this new animated production, but also the name of the main hero, to be exact hairpin, This is a strange little animal that looks like a raccoon in Havana accompanies Andres, Nice and cheerful old musician, However, in his lyrical adventures, he translates the tracks with a good rhythm, but in a script that is incomprehensible to many. But one day everything changed, because a letter arrived at Andres and was sent by a certain woman Marta Sandoval, a famous singer is about to give up his career and retire from the scene, but not before a final performance in Miami. However, Marta was also the flame of young Andrés, and in her letter she was invited to share the stage with her on this last amazing (and unmissable) occasion.


But life is always full An unexpected turn of events, and not always nice: on the same night, the hand that allowed Andres to be able to almost reach his dream, He’s taking away the same opportunity you were offering himThey take him away from this life. So if the old man can no longer deliver the song that was a symbol of their love for Marta, It is up to Vivo to complete this taskNot without another important meeting. This time it is a completely different character from the one just described: gaby, A girl who so well represents contemporary adolescence in its most extreme and grotesque traits, the ring transports the head and the viewer to an entirely different dimension. But in this ridiculous journey full of small episodes, will Vivo be able to complete his mission?

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It takes a rhythm of love

vivo It is like a little gem full of vitality, rhythm, music and colour, and offers us a very good product, but it certainly cannot be compared to the masterpieces of animation signed by other big companies in this sector. However, given these small limitations, we can’t help but salute the director, the Oscar nominee Kirk Demico, Resulting in the original dubbing of no less than Lin Manuel MirandaMusical protagonist Hamilton, is still available today in the Disney+ catalog, while the version in Italy includes audio stash by The Kolors, is able to deliver distinctive and successful singing performances, along with Massimo Lopez who lent his voice to the other main character, Andres.

vivo Moreover, he presents us with original songs that unite in an important and well-designed mixture of several musical genres: from dirt to Latin music, through hip-hop songs and songs, able to engage us in every scene. Being a musician, the musical component is clearly the core of the narration, thanks to the presence of a music producer and composer such as two Tony and Grammy Awards. Alex Lacamoire. The various songs were made to order, with catchy script but might have been able to keep the tempo in the original at best, and still be able to get into the spectator’s soul.

So what do you expect from vivo? We were able to witness A film of unique simplicity, its warmth can sometimes be compared to Disney’s latest release, Luca, Able to bring realistic story, but give it Very simple ingredients And able to communicate with a completely heterogeneous audience, in a language close to that of younger audiences.

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It certainly misses an in-depth, introspective analysis of the different characters to reach more audiences, but this point should not and do not want to be the main focus of building this story, based on Involvement Thanks to Warm ambiance and musicWell suited for the movie release period. If the lyrical aspect succeeds in giving a decisive boost to this cartoon, then there is the basis of the story Message Important to convey: giving less importance to self-image that others are expected to perceive Due While that Your identity in a natural and real way. A subject always cherished and up-to-date, subtle as it is and a balance that is hard to find, and even more so, to maintain.


he is photographing vivo He talks to us for short dialogues and hit songs, maybe not with the full potential of Italian dubbing, but nonetheless she manages to get it done. It is located around a A history of good feelings, without any kind of “itch” or sensitive situations, it is rich in lightness and messages meant to foster acceptance of the other and, even more, the surprises and inconveniences that life can offer. The movie is presented to us Very exciting and colorful journey Among the picturesque characters, but not to the point of absurd, faithful to themselves and with so much music we give us, leading us to dance to a world that teaches us that the last word is never said and that life must be lived in a rhythm created by ourselves and by events.

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