US Navy officers stand trial for conspiracy to share secrets with sexual parties

US Navy officers stand trial for conspiracy to share secrets with sexual parties

The disclosure raised fears that US military secrets might fall into the wrong hands.

“I’m sure you know how this information is being used,” Herzinger said of Kompromat’s allegations.

But he said the people involved may have an interest in keeping the details secret beyond national security implications: “If you fear that your family life will be disrupted by revelations that you’ve been caring for prostitutes for so many years, what can you do. Give up keeping this secret?” “

He added, “We have allowed this cancer to grow in the Navy and we may have wiped it out, but what are the long-term repercussions? What other cultural rot is there around that bit that we uprooted? I don’t think we questioned that very well at all.”

The US Navy said it would be “inappropriate to comment” on what may have been stored on the Chinese server “due to” the ongoing nature of this investigation and to protect the integrity of the Department of Justice and Department of the Navy. ”

After the Navy suspended Glenn Marine Group (Asia) and its subsidiaries from existing government and contractual contracts, U.S. Navy CIO Admiral Charlie Brown said, “I’ve also made changes to the contractual process of doing it in the way you choose and vet potential companies.”

He added that the Secretary of the Navy had introduced management-level changes to improve ethics, contracts and accountability for the Navy’s core values, including the prior written approval of senior officers and an ethics advisor before receiving “meals or entertainment in foreign territories.”

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The Navy continues to educate seafarers about morals and legal regulations. It should be noted that scientific officers and senior executives are required to complete additional training and receive annual ethical training.

“The Navy expects every individual on duty to maintain the highest standards of conduct and professionalism,” he said.

In the GDMA case, decisions on specific allegations were made on the basis of “the advice of senior legal counsel and on the basis of the specific evidence available in each case and the relevant rules and regulations relating to the individual complaint.”

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