The Cuphead Show, the game’s creators talk about the Netflix show: ‘A tribute to the 1930s’

Cuphead It has been one of the most popular indie titles in the gaming world, so much so that Netflix decided to adapt it with the animated series Cuphead ShowBrothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer of StudioMDHR, creators of the video game, shared their experiences as executive producers of the Netflix series that debuted today.

In a long interview with the newspaper, Character BookChad and Jared Moldenhauer talked about the Netflix series based on their video game, which was in turn inspired by cartoons from the 1930s:We still couldn’t fathom the idea of ​​creating this little indie game that then exploded, until we had a Netflix series, it’s awesome!“.

The Moldenhauer brothers are among the executive producers of Cuphead Show And they said to them Full participation in all stages of the series’ development: “We attended weekly meetings. As producers, our role was to lead and make sure the game was watchedJared said.

The Netflix show begins with the indie video game and then expands its narrative world, as we told you in our review of The Cuphead Show.

The two creators also talked about their relationship with the creative team of the series, which opened the doors of a world for him Cuphead To bring new ideas:I think what made it easier was the desire to honor the thirties. At the time, there were no absolute guidelines on what the character should or should not do on her journey. Each character can play different rolesChad Moldenhauer explained.

There is a structural difference between the two methodsBrother added.The video game uses bosses and characters in a game-oriented, action-oriented manner. So, instead, we were able to open up other new paths, asking ourselves who they could become and what they could have done on the island of Kalamyo.“.

Cuphead Series Gives voice to characters for the first time It was conceived by the brothers, who not only took part in defining the voice cast of The Cuphead Show, but also in this case contributed their cues:We had ideas about how the main characters’ voices should “look”They said Character Book. “We wanted to stay close to the ’30s style. In the cartoons of that period, the characters had a very nasal voice. On the other hand in the movies we talked very quickly. We had in mind the tone and the sharpness and they were very good at interpretation“.

Cuphead Series Now available to stream on Netflix.

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