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The father says his children are happy when they see the lights on.

Families from Westchase, Florida, USA, face a fine of $1,000 for early use Christmas Decorations to decorate your home.

Reports about it Fox 13.

It turned out that the house was decorated with designers that the family hired specifically, wanting to make the house more elegant and festive. But since the designers did not have free dates on the eve of the festive season, the family had to agree with them a little earlier – on November 6.

“When they’re in (the lights), they look really cool, and the kids love it, and it makes them smile,” said father Michael Mouffe.

But despite the fact that the family was satisfied with the result, the Westchase community said that the jewelry was shown ahead of time. And 48 hours after the festive parade, the family received a letter from the housing association stating that Christmas decorations weren’t allowed until Thanksgiving and they would be fined up to $1,000 for their violation.

The message sparked outrage in the local community after Chelsea Mova wrote about it on Facebook. The association’s lawyer said the report was only issued when a neighbor complained about the light bulbs.

They added that a vote must be held before a fine could be imposed.

“I understand there are rules, but they are too many,” Michael Mova added.

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