US allies step up pressure on Iran to return to nuclear talks

Washington. America and its allies are pressing Iran to resume the stalled nuclear talks and agree to the talks. Countries have warned Iran that if it continues with its nuclear program, it may become more isolated internationally and will face new economic sanctions and perhaps even military action against it, and measures can also be taken.

In Washington this week in several meetings at the diplomatic level of American, European, Israeli and Arab officials, it was agreed to make clear to Iran that its continued reluctance to engage in talks in Vienna would not be ignored or punished for it. This is amazing.

The agreement comes amid concerns that Tehran is not ready to negotiate, with the goal of bringing the US and Iran back into the agreements agreed in 2015. Former US President Donald Trump later withdrew his country from the agreement and after that no policy on the landmark nuclear deal was left clear.

Soon after the country’s current President Joe Biden took office, the United States announced the withdrawal of the agreement. US special envoy for Iran Robert Milley is holding talks with Gulf Arab states on Iran, while Rafael Grossi, the UN nuclear monitor, will visit the United States next week for further talks. Iran has indicated that it will hold talks again with the United States, but has not announced a date yet.

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