Could FIFA be called ‘EA Sports FC’ in the future? •

last week, EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts He said the company is reviewing the naming rights agreement with it FIFA The best-selling football series can be renamed. Two new trademark registrations in Europe may indicate a name on the publisher’s mind.

EA Sports FC and the registered name Just last week at the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Either way, the brand is for PC game software and online PC game entertainment. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has no filing or registration of that trademark. EA’s European documents were filed on 1 October.

Brand records indicate that next year’s game, rather than being called FIFA 23, could instead be released under the EA Sports FC title. EA Sports pays licensing fees to FIFA for the use of its name – these terms have never been disclosed – in fact there is only the FA’s name on the box. Everything else in the game, from dozens of teams to thousands of players, and the tournaments they compete in, comes from different backgrounds.

EA Sports has not made any comments on it yet.

Source: VGC

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