UK weather forecast: Britain braces for a 72F blast as hot weather turns the weather map red

UK Weather: The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for warmer temperatures

Today’s high temperatures will rise to 19 ° C across much of southern England, with other areas comfortably in your mid-teens. But Mercury will rise even more tomorrow, raising hopes of a small heatwave ahead of the long Easter holiday. Much of Britain will enjoy the sunshine on Tuesday, with temperatures reaching 23 degrees Celsius in London. Many areas in the south will reach the low twenties, and only fall slightly below the other surroundings.

This miniature heatwave will continue until Tuesday, as mercury hits 22 ° C in London, according to BBC Weather, and most of the country will continue to enjoy warmer weather.

New weather maps for WXCHARTS show Britain turning red, indicating a stream of hot air.

The predictor temperature anomaly graph, which indicates the temperature difference from the expected average at this time of year, shows the country turning red.

This indicates higher than expected temperatures in late March.

UK Weather Forecast: Temperatures are expected to rise over the next 48 hours (Photo: WXCHARTS / PA)

UK Weather Forecast – The map starts turning red on Monday (Image: WXCHARTS)

The Bureau of Meteorology said that tomorrow will be an “exceptionally warm day;” perhaps the hottest day of the year yet for many.

The forecast added that Wednesday will be “another very warm day in most of England and Wales, especially in the southeast,” although it will start to feel colder as the week progresses.

The Met Office said: “Tomorrow will be an exceptionally warm day; perhaps the hottest day of the year so far for many.

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“Lots of clouds and more rain in northwest Scotland.

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UK weather forecast heatwave

UK Weather Forecast: Britain is ready for the glorious rays of Tuesday (Photo: WXCHARTS)

“ Wednesday will be another warm day in most parts of England and Wales, especially in the southeast.

However, there is a cooler feeling in the north, as the cool air flows in from the north, with some light rain here.

“ Thursday will be a very dry and bright day, albeit with some rain in the far north.

“It feels cold on Friday with some breezes coming from the north, but most of it is dry.”

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UK weather forecast heat wave temperatures

UK Weather Forecast: The miniature heatwave will continue Wednesday (Photo: WXCHARTS)

The latest weather forecast for UK temperatures

UK Weather Forecast: Temperatures are on the rise for the first part of this week (Photo: WXCHARTS)

BBC Weather predicts that while Scotland will not be lucky with warmer weather, it will be “very hot in the interior of England and Wales”.

Wednesday will see dry and sunny periods and the weather will be “very hot in the south”.

The forecast for Tuesday said: “Rainfall in the north of Scotland and some low clouds and fog affect the shores of the Irish Sea.”

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Elsewhere, dry places with long periods of sunny are developing and warming in the interior of England and Wales.

From Wednesday to Friday, BBC Weather said: Rains from north to south will subside on Wednesday. Otherwise, it will dry up with sunny spells. ‘

“It’s very hot in the south on Wednesday, and cooler in the north.”

UK weather records

UK Weather Forecast: Sunshine and Higher Temperature Records (Image: EXPRESS)

Netweather’s chief meteorologist, Joe Farrow, said temperatures could rise as high as 23 degrees Celsius in London on Tuesday and up to 24 degrees Celsius in the capital on Wednesday.

She said: “There is a lot of pressure on Europe to start the week, which will direct the warmer influx into the UK.”

“The winds are easing over southern England today and in many places will be fine and dry in the sun.

“For Northern Ireland, temperatures will be in their teens, Belfast will reach 17 degrees Celsius, but other areas in the north and west will still be at 13 or 14 degrees Celsius.

“For England and Wales, too, from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius, eastern Britain sees the highest values ​​of 18 or 19 degrees Celsius, probably in some publications, including London.”

As Tuesday approaches, the chief forecaster added: “A glorious sunny and warm day in most parts of England and Wales.

“Temperatures in the middle to high adolescence period with the central, eastern and southeastern regions of the interior between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius.

“ A little breeze from south or south to Devon and Cornwall and still flowing southwest from the Irish Sea brings low clouds and humidity to Cumbria, Dumfries, Galway and the coast of the Isle of Man.

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Northern Ireland will have a nice day with temperatures ranging between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius, but it is much cooler in Scotland.

“During Tuesday night, the front division in the north begins to move towards the south. This will lead to more rain in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Cumbria and the temperatures will drop in Scotland, but before that, another good day.

“More broadly, at 20 ° C in England and possibly 24 ° C in London.”

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