Two Indian ships from Bahrain to transport liquid oxygen to confront the Covid crisis in India | Bahrain’s Hand to India: Two ships to launch with liquid oxygen


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Manama: Bahrain is helping India with its oxygen crisis as the COVID-19 expansion intensifies. Bahrain is the latest country to provide assistance to the country. With this, two vessels carrying 40 metric tons of liquid oxygen are scheduled to depart for India for India tomorrow. The ships INS Kolkata and INS Talwar, which left India for this purpose, arrived at the port of Manama.

The government has allocated 590 metric tons of oxygen to Delhi

In addition to providing oxygen, Bahraini officials said they would also provide medical care to India. Earlier, the Gulf states, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, offered to help India during the crisis. In this, the first aid promised by Saudi Arabia arrived in India.


The recent spike in the number of coronavirus cases has devastated India and hit the healthcare system hard. More than 40 countries, including the United States, Russia and France, have announced that they will provide India with essential Kovid relief supplies in the next few weeks. In the early stages of the spread of the Coronavirus, India exported medicines to many parts of the world, including medicines, to bypass the crisis.

Britain is already sending ventilators and oxygen concentrators. At the same time, the United States has lifted the ban on exporting raw materials for wax and medical equipment, which will help India to increase its production of Coffshield vaccine.

In the past 24 hours, more than 4 new cases were reported in the country. As hospitals across the country lack life-saving beds and medical equipment, India is receiving toxic donations and financial aid from foreign countries to deal with the crisis.

Photo taken by Lavagna Tripathi without enchanting bleeding; Fans are taking pictures

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