Detailed OnePlus 9 review in Romanian (Mobilissimo review)

OnePlus 9 Pro It has already received our review, which proves to be a very capable phone, especially for taking ultra-fast photos and shooting. Now is the time to find out what a second can do, which should not be neglected, because otherwise … what would Captain Pickard be without a second Riker? we have OnePlus 9 In tyrant copy I say, with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage, Plus a good-looking purple back.

However, the base variant, which has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB, starts at as little as 3,100 lei these days. He continued to work with Hasselblad for color calibration and A revolutionary new ultra-fast camera with a freeform lens Which reduces distortions. He sacrificed the rounding, however, in an approach that would put it on par with the Xiaomi Mi 11, leaving the innovation to the Pro model. It’s slightly smaller and more maneuverable, charges slightly slower wirelessly, and has no adjustable refresh rate for less power consumption than the OP9 Pro.

However, you will see that the performance is 5 stars compared to other companies. ”SmallerIt doesn’t have a plastic back. Let’s see what the OnePlus 9 can do and what makes it special, accompanied by a series of photos taken on a vaccination trip, with landscapes of mountains and forests.

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