Tom Drury skateboarding on the east coast of Australia for a charitable cause

With his skateboard everywhereSo he tried to flee epidemic fatigue Tom DruryA 28-year-old Australian who decided to embark on one of the most incredible adventures of his entire life.

He began his journey at the end of last year and Your goal is to travel across the entire east coast of Australia on wheels: That exceeds 4000 km. “Lots of people are calling him crazy,” some Australian media reported when they found out what Drury wanted to do, and many media outlets echoed the event, because all of this is for a good reason:I am raising money to build a path Ski And LaosTom confirms.

This young man It documents your journey across networks Socially by showing how much risk he avoids, whether in nature or on the asphalt:When my truck passes me at 100 per hour, everything shrinksIn addition, he recounts in his posts how his adventure is progressing and explains his goal in the same autobiography, Tom Drury explains.

The goal has already been achieved: I wanted to raise 20,000 euros and I already have more than 25,000 a thousand. But in return after a long time, Who is out of money is he: “I don’t have money anymore, now I’ll get back to work“.

Tom Drury He works 1,500 meters underground in a mine DiamondIt’s clear her passion for the outdoors is now better understood.

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