Trump writes history: They also voted against the second impeachment measure

The US House of Representatives has voted to launch another constitutional impeachment lawsuit against President Donald Trump, who remains in office. Nevertheless, Trump is the first US president to undergo an impeachment measure, CNN writes.

The US House of Representatives voted 232 to 197 on the constitutional prosecution of Donald Trump a week before the end of his term. CNN, Who also indicates that with this, Trump became the only US president to ever have two impeachment measures launched.

The process began on Monday with a majority of House Democrats because they saw Trump inciting his followers to revolt last Wednesday, who then surrounded the House of Representatives. Capitoline Building.

Under US law, the case is now before the Senate, with proceedings against Donald Trump, led by John Roberts, president of the Federal Supreme Court serving as the constitutional court, which will not take place until after Trump’s term ends. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell declared that only Senators Joe Biden After the oath, procedures may take place after January 19.

Incidentally, Trump’s first impeachment trial began in 2019, with Trump accused of abusing presidential power when he expected incriminating evidence from the Ukrainian president of Joe Biden and his son in exchange for military support. Although all of this could be proven with documents, the Republican majority Senate acquitted the president of the charges in February 2020.

They don’t replace it, but …

CNN stated that this measure does not mean that the president will be replaced, and that will not prevent him from even running for president again. However, with a simple majority of senators present during the vote, they could be barred from holding public office in another vote, which would truly deprive Trump of the opportunity to run in the presidential election again in the future. It would also, if the Senate decide, result in Trump losing his annual presidential pension of more than $ 200,000 and his annual travel budget of $ 1 million.

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However, this would require a two-thirds vote of the senators to pass the process, which would not be easy to achieve at all, as there would be a Democratic majority in the Senate under the new administration, says CNN, 17 senators will have to be. Republicans vote with the Democrats. To reach a two-thirds majority. (Of the 232 yes votes in the current vote, 10 were Republicans – Editor).

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