Trump loyalists have tried to influence the anti-virus reports

“These cases are clusters,” said Linda Fell, the county health official, in an interview Saturday night. “Here, there and everywhere. We have a dangerous and dangerous rise in cases all related to a particular population group. This is an urgent case.”

A university with an enrollment of about 50,000, Announced mid-August Classes were remote and most students who lived on campus were asked to stay home. However, about 35,000 students returned with off-campus rentals to East Lansing before the semester began on September 2, said Emily Gherkin Giran, a spokeswoman for the university, and 2,800 students – including athletes, international students or students without Stable housing – stay in student dormitories.

Under the recommended quarantine, Ms. Phil said, students should only leave their dorms for personal classes, or to get food or medicine. Although quarantine is a recommendation, she said it might change into a request for larger homes, where groups of more than 10 students live together.

Elsewhere in the state, several students have recently graduated from the University of Michigan TikTok took To express outrage over campus health policies, including forged jury housing the university used to quarantine those who tested positive. They expressed their support for Continuous strikes By graduate students, some of them teachers and claiming the right to do so Distance workingIncrease the transparency of testing and other virus protection.

she was there 367 confirmed cases Since March, according to the school’s database, and 19 cases Since students returned in late August for a combination of personal and distance learning.

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Rick Fitzgerald, a spokesperson for the University of Michigan, said that students who test positive for the virus are not required to use university quarantine housing and can choose to stay in their own quarantine housing. He added that the single apartments used for quarantine included a refrigerator and an oven, and that the university was trying to find microwaves to distribute to students so that they could heat the meals provided by the university.

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