Download the new Chrome today to add a feature that Google has been promising for months

Anyone who likes to use Google Chrome to browse the web should definitely head over to the settings menu and hit the refresh button. This is because months after it was first revealed, Chrome fans can now access a new feature that brings tabs together to make it easier to find them all.

It’s a really useful upgrade especially for anyone who has endless tabs open and can never find what they’re looking for.

Group tabs are a very simple concept. All you have to do is right-click an open tab and select “Add Tab to New Group” from the dropdown menu. From here, you can change the color of the group up to give it a name, which will help organize things. Once done, you can simply click and drag the other tabs to the group.

You can create as many combinations as you want although Google has limited color options to eight which are probably nearly enough for most people’s needs.

To check if your browser is up to date, simply click on Chrome in the menu bar and then About Chrome. Your browser will then check for updates before asking you to restart the program.

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Google says it is trying to improve the advertising experience by dissuading advertisers from creating messages that use large, poorly compressed images and videos.

This update started hitting browsers this week, but Google releases may take time to publish to everyone, so be patient.

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