Three more medals for Germany –

After the gold at the Nations Cup and the gold at the pas de deux, the German players were able to secure three more medals on the final day of the competition in Budapest. Team Fredenbeck won the championship title and Jannik Heiland and Janika Derks took silver in the singles.

Fredenbeck’s team charmed the judges and the audience with their freestyle “Unleash Yourself” theme and thus won the world title. The seven-man team – consisting of vault Viktor Brüsewitz, Jannik Heiland, Malte Möller, Kathrin Meyer, Mila Koböck, Mirja Krohne and rush guide Gesa Bührig – already made good progress in the first two rounds. With 15-year-old Mecklenburg-Klaus, the acrobats from northern Germany jumped in the last round to 9.224 points, thus showing their best performance at the National Riding Hall in central Budapest. With a final score of 8.735, they won the gold medal for Germany.

In the end, the silver medal went to the Austrian team with Lucado and Cornelia Tremmel (8.044), followed by the representatives of the United States (7.914), which relegated Denmark to fourth place (7.856).

National team coach Ola Ramage was understandably satisfied: “Obviously Friedenbeek was the favorite here in Budapest. But favorite or not. You have to bring him home. And that’s what Friedenbeck did. Freestyle was an absolute hype for the sport of vaulting. From my point of view, It was an effortless galloping horse performance with plenty of dynamism and flow of movement.It impressed many of the spectators as well as the judges and officials,” said the national coach.

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After gold, there’s silver by Janica Dirks

Then the individual decision was made. Janica Dirks, who had already won the Ba de Do gold with her partner Johannes Kaye the day before and also took part in the Nations Cup gold with her first freestyle, took another medal. With 8,816 points from the first round (mandatory and free), the 31-year-old finished third at the start. Also in the technical program, the RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen vaulting woman showed the third best performance at the Budapest circuit. In total (8.655) Janica won the silver in the women’s singles jump with Dark Beluga and lunge guide Barbara Rosini.

This year the world title went to 26-year-old Tyrolean Jasmine Lindner with “Greta Thunberg-Free Style” on the back of Dr. Doolittle (8759). Bronze went to Lindner’s teammate Eva Nagler (8.578), followed by Danish rider See Bendixen (8.461) and French rider Manon Moutinho (8.427). European champion Katerina Loeschen from Vienna finished the World Cup in sixth place (8.374).

Men’s Single Jump: Janeke Hyland’s 3rd Silver Medal

There was also an exciting men’s competition, with 28-year-old Yannick Hyland winning another medal for Germany. The jumping artist from Wulfsen has already won the silver medal in the 2018 and 2019 tournaments. Now another one has been added (8834).

Only three-time world champion from France Lambert Le Clezio could not get past him. With the most points in the second round (9.011) and a final score of 8.989, the 24-year-old Frenchman celebrated his third World Cup title after titles in 2016 and 2018.

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Bronze medal and fourth place will also go to France this weekend. Theo Jardez with the Ultrachic team finished third (8.659, his French teammate Quentin Gabet won the freestyle final (9.126), but eventually had to make friends with the fourth (8.552).

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