This Weekend Masterpiece Series is available on Netflix

In the period when you encounter an item you are not short of available time. In fact, not being able to go out, travel and enjoy dinner at the restaurant, all that’s left is to find a new hobby.

In a previous article, it was emphasized that reading is of fundamental importance among the entertainment that has returned in vogue in recent years. For more information see this article.

Another great way to pass the time is by using streaming sites like Netflix.

On this platform among movies, TV series, anime and documentaries, you can find real pearls.

In this article it will be just one of these masterpieces, a wonderful animated series released in 2006. It’s about “Death noteAnime based on the manga of the same name written by Tsugumi Oba and drawn by Takeshi Obata.

In fact, among the programs to be recovered there is this animated series that made the history of anime.

Unfortunately, when it comes to anime, many fancy children’s products as the classic cartoon. Obviously a misperception of this category, it is in fact a true animated series designed for a fairly young audience.

Often the topics covered are important and provide material for reflection. This Weekend Masterpiece Series is available on Netflix.

Story mode

The protagonist, Light Yagami, is a very bright student whose life is going smoothly. That’s until the moment Shinigami Ryuk to the ground throws a notebook with supernatural powers that he encounters Light himself.

From that moment on, an ordinary boy gains extraordinary powers and begins to use the nickname Kira.

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In fact, the Death Note has the potential to kill all of those who will be codified there. Just write the name of the person you want to die in the notebook, keeping their name in mind, and they will die.

Kyra and Ryuk, the god of death, begin to use the Death Note to rid the world of criminals. But soon the notebook will take over and the thirst for power will prevail.

On the trail of Kira will put another young man, L. He is a private investigator ready to do anything to uncover him.

Among the other reasons why we should relive this TV series, it takes the place of honor, and definitely the very fun soundtrack. Here, then, is available on Netflix, the weekend masterpiece series.

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