This is the official Netflix movie poster

On the same wavelength It will arrive on Netflix on March 25th

Netflix has released the official poster for On the same wavelength, A new Italian movie arrives at the broadcast service on March 25, 2021. The film is written and directed by Massimiliano Cametti, where he made his directorial debut in a feature film, and stars Elvira Camaroni, Christian Roberto, Donatella Finuciaro, Corrado Inverness, and Vincenzo Beloved. On the same wavelength It is an original Netflix movie created in collaboration with Mediaset.

The film is set during a sunny Sicilian summer and it was shot in Sicily, in Palermo and San Vito lo Capo.

Here’s the official synopsis of the movie: End of Summer, Island in Sicily, Sailing Course. Sarah and Lorenzo meet and fall in love instantly. He is the young trainer, and she is the most stubborn student. Both are the first love, the love in which feelings travel faster and faster. However, the magic appears to end once we return home to Palermo. Sarah becomes unexpectedly elusive and any attempt by Lorenzo to contact her again falls on deaf ears. But it’s not the usual ending to summer love, Sarah has a secret. A minor physical problem on campus, a strong spasticity in Palermo, and the news of her deteriorating muscular condition falls into the girl’s life. The sailing course was his last moment of gentleness of heart … if everything is to come to an end soon, what is the point of continuing to live his love of Lorenzo? On a journey filled with danger, recklessness, and courage, Sarah and Lorenzo will have to grow up quickly to make every moment in their story eternal.

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