Vermouth of Torino’s Revenge, produced as it was 200 years ago

Initially, the mugwort was larger, in German “wermut”, which, in combination with white wine with a combination of selected herbs and a handful of sugar, gave life to a unique drink. The Vermouth Indeed, he admired the Savoy as much as the wealthy bourgeoisie of Turin, to the point that he became the king of tapas at the end of the eighteenth century. The boom in the twentieth century when you went down in history preparing famous cocktails such as Americano, Manhattan or Negroni.

Re-discovering, after a long period of crisis, in the past ten years, thanks to the re-launch of the original recipe, first of all, Small producers focus on high quality, Both in terms of components and in terms of processes. “Every herb, from shepherd to gentian, from juniper to cardamom, is harvested at the right time and planted at the right times, and it is strictly controlled by senior worms – he explains. Gianfranco Tussauds, Toso SpA CEO who had the feature highlighting the old 19th-century recipe from the original Gamondi vermouth -. In our case, the base wine, consisting of 51% Moscato d’Asti Docg supplemented with Piemonte Cortese Doc, once flavored, is later They are approximately twelve months old, Which is a somewhat demanding period of time compared to the few months of maturity usually required to produce an artificial wine plant.

In particular, driven above all by sales in the Horeca Canal, Vermouth di Torino Superiore since 2014 has recorded strong acceleration in Italy, at a rate of 20-30% per year. Estimated by a broad and heterogeneous goal of gender and age, yet required in terms of quality and exclusivity – Toso defines -, Vermouth di Torino Superiore objected The consumption trend in full expansion associated with the rediscovery of authentic artisan productsDelicately Made in Italy or Better Made in Piedmont. “

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These are the characteristics that have been gradually preferred Overseas sales – From Eastern Europe to China, and from Japan to America – which contributed decisively to offset the unexpected decline in sales volume recorded in 2020. “The closures and restrictions on consumption outside the home have cut sales in Italy in half – as Tussauds explains. -, traditionally the privilege of qualified bartenders and restaurants who use the superior vermouth, mainly red, as a base ingredient and also to prepare a drink in the kitchen to pair with desserts and cheese. ”

Specifically in order to promote the culture of Vermouth Tut Court, since 2001, I have created Casa Tuso in Cossano Bilbo (Cuneo) Tussauds Wine Museum Which includes, among other things, a rich display of tools and gems used by the master vermuttieri. Today as two centuries ago.

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