These are the risks that customers are exposed to

Netflix She confirms her great success in the field of television series. The streaming platform, once again, offered its customers a lot of discussion and at the same time appreciated the production Squid game. The South Korean title in a few days has already reached very significant records for television broadcasting.

However, Netflix’s commitment is not just for new content to be shown on small screens. In the commercial field, in fact, all efforts are aimed at combating the practice joint accounts.

Netflix, the new challenge is shared accounts

Even in recent weeks, many users have encountered a different Netflix approach to joint accounts. Television has become a lot less tolerant than it has been in the recent past. It suffices to jointly deliver this clear message in NSEugene To many users who shared or shared the account: “If you don’t live with the account holder, you need your own account to continue watching Netflix. Is it your account? We will send you a verification code”

The double symbol Adoption is currently the Netflix variation mechanism for profile sharing with strangers or distant relatives. In addition to this message in the login stages, the platform also reserves the right to impose a file Limit To access serial criminals.

The current platform rules are very strict. In fact, users can only share their access to Netflix with the right people. So stop sharing between relatives and friends. In this case, the penalty could be ban Final from the broadcast service.

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