The Witcher, this is how much Netflix pays Henry Cavill for the series

You must have asked yourself some questions about The Witcher series on Netflix more than once. Let’s see how much Henry Cavill pays

The Witcher Netflix
The Witcher Netflix, How Much Does Henry Cavill Pay (YouTube source)

According to a report from the Netflix series The Witcher, it is not clear if Henry Cavill is compensation received for both seasons or if he is only referring to the second that is still waiting. Within this report there are also other numbers, the different numbers of which are described Compensation for other TV stars. In particular, we are talking about Pedro Pascal, who managed to get a salary of $600,000 for his participation the last of us from HBO.

In the recent period, the Netflix series managed to achieve unprecedented success. This is The Witcher, a production starring Henry Cavill, which has managed to win the hearts of many fans. Looks like the star in question has I got a huge reward To fill in the role of the protagonist who plays Geralt of Rivia.

How much does Harry Cavill earn in The Witcher on Netflix

The Witcher Netflix
The Witcher Netflix, how much is Henry Cavill paid (source pixabay)

Based on the report issued by diverseLooks like Cavill has I got a fee It equals $400,000 per episode. Starting in 2019, marking over the month of December, the first season has been a huge success. The second season will be presented to the public approximately two years after the first. Coming on December 17th. Filming was slowed down due to various factors that impeded each operation.

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First of all, it is necessary to mention the Covid-19 pandemic, which certainly did not facilitate the shooting. Another important factor for sure is Henry Cavill’s injury. Only at the beginning of 2021 did filming for the second season end, currently in post-production. It also appears that CD Projekt Red games have seen a significant increase in sales as well. From that moment on, it seems that Netflix is ​​intent on it Enter several additional projects from The WitcherHowever, Cavill will not be there.

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