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When powerful House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi announced the news on television on Sunday, it was certainly no coincidence. ABC presenter George Stephanopoulos gave her every opportunity by asking him to keep the tension in for a few hours. “Are you going to appoint more Republicans to the committee, like Congressman Adam Kinzinger?‘, Stephanopoulos wanted to know who Pelosi was on his ‘week’ show. ‘That would be my plan,’ he replied. ‘So when will that be announced? – Pelosi: “Maybe after I talked to Adam Kinzinger.” They both should laugh heartily for a moment.

Adam Kinzinger will be the second Republican member of the House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry to storm the Capitol on January 6. Work is supposed to start this Tuesday. This is not just an unusual occurrence because Pelosi seemed to have made her decision before speaking to Kinzinger. But the main reason is that it was the Democratic chair of the chamber who appointed the Republican to the position.

Indeed, it will be the task of Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader, to fill the seats allotted to his group on the committee. I’ve tried that too. Last week he made a list of five names. But in what was probably a one-off operation so far Pelosi refused two of them to join the committeeJim Banks from Indiana and Jim Jordan from Ohio.

Both are staunch defenders of former President Donald Trump. Both have been keen over the past few months to reinterpret the events of January 6 as something that makes Trump and Republicans more victims than drivers. And like many of their colleagues, they both faithfully spread The Big Lie, the big lie that Trump’s election victory was stolen by a corrupt Democratic elite.

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On Sunday, about Banks was doing Nancy on Fox News Pelosi Responsible for Allowing Thousands of Trump Supporters to Storm the Capitol. The banks asked him, “Why did a systematic security breakdown occur on January 6th?” “In the end, she is responsible for the security breakdown at the Capitol on January 6th.”

Cheney exposed to Trump’s worst attacks هجمات

There is no evidence for this. Especially since the acting security chiefs in the Senate and House of Representatives on January 6 were nominated by Republicans. Pelosi had virtually no influence on their day-to-day work. However, Banks now wants to believe that he was dismissed by Pelosi for the sole purpose of covering up their alleged responsibility.

McCarthy immediately responded to the refusal. If Banks and Jordan are not allowed to sit on the committee, none of the Republicans he proposed will participate. There was a brief discussion about whether the commission of inquiry had separated from it before it began its work.

But by nominating Kinzinger, Pelosi bolstered her claim with her desire to form a nonpartisan committee. It also re-invited the three remaining Representatives nominated by McCarthy to serve on the committee. If it should have been one-sided in the commission: at least it shouldn’t have been because of it.

“Self-selecting members who share their preconceived ideas will not lead to a serious investigation,” McCarthy said on Sunday. But whether Jim Banks and Jim Jordan arranged a “serious investigation” It is more than doubtful.

It must be said that McCarthy has a lot to swallow before he makes his list. Because it was Pelosi Successfully completed at the beginning of Julyto win prominent Republican Liz Cheney of Wyoming on one of the eight Democratic Committee seats.

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In terms of substance, there should be no overlap between Pelosi and Cheney. She is considered at least as conservative as her father, Dick Cheney, who was Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush. The common denominator between Pelosi and Liz Cheney since the 6th of January at the latest is their disgust with Trump. Cheney is the third Republican in the House of Representatives since 2019. After she voted to impeach Trump, Voted in mid-May And he is exposed to the most heinous attacks from Trump and his colleagues.

It was no different for Kenzinger. He came to Congress in 2011. At that time, he swam in the ultra-conservative wave of the “Tea Party” movement. His relationship with Trump has always been divided. However, it wasn’t until January 6, when he became one of the faces of the anti-Trump movement among Republicans, that it became clear how deep the rift would be. Like Cheney and only eight other Republicans in the House of Representatives, he voted to impeach Trump. His Illinois party officially reprimanded him for his decision.

But Kenzinger is a soldier. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, he joined the US Air Force and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Looks like he’s ready to fight again. Commenting on his candidacy, he said, “It is our duty to investigate the worst attack on the Capitol since 1814 and to make sure nothing like this happens again.”

When the committee meets for the first time this Tuesday, the first witnesses to be heard will be the police officers who were on duty at the Capitol that day. Among them is Daniel Hodges, whom Trump fans smash in a door threateningly. He is one of about 140 police officers, some of whom were seriously injured. That’s at least 140 reasons to investigate this uprising.

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