Mexico defeats Australia and seeks bronze in softball

Mexico The flagship launcher Dallas Escobedo Monday won the right to play for the bronze medal for Tokyo Softball 2020, by hitting 4-1 to Australia At the conclusion of the preliminary round.

victory in Yokohama complete resurrection tripartite, with a base of Mexican-American players, having lost their first three matches of the tournament.

He will face the Latin American team on Tuesday Canada, the contender who beat him 4-0 on his debut, is on the podium alongside the favorites United State NS Japan, which, as expected, will compete for the gold medal in the discipline that appeared again in Olympic Games After being excluded in London 2012 NS Rio de Janeiro 2016.

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Escobedo, born in Phoenix, Arizona26 years ago, she took a step forward when her teammates needed it most: She covered the entire track and left the Australian hitters in five strokes and one round. Hit five of them.

The right holder was backed by the fruitful offense of eleven hitters who punished the Australians with two streaks in the second act and a couple more in the fourth.

in a second, Susanna Brookshire Turn on the faucet by pressing 3 pointers to the middle field that brought the house back to Brittany Cervantes and owning it brookshire Register to extend the lead by being rented by one person Victoria Vidales.

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In the fourth was Victoria Vidales Who pushed the third touch weakly to the center of the field and Chelsea Gonzalez urge Vidals Simply. Australia Bridging the gap in the sixth with Homer solo Jade Hill In one serious blink Escobedo.

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The calendar wasn’t too generous for the manager’s chosen team Carlos Bernaldes. Canada was a thermometer for Mexico and then Japan NS United State They were practically invincible opponents.

In the figure where the first and second are crossed for gold and the third and fourth for bronze, the margin of error ended with three setbacks from the start. and Sunday Mexico He was deterred by closing 5-0 to Italy To start a full reaction against Australia to go forward.

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