Advantages of grape almonds for pensioners when disbursing the pension via mobile

During the current period, the state is moving to transfer the pension payment to the electronic Meeza card and then via electronic wallets through mobile companies, in order to relieve citizens from crowding and pressure at post offices, especially since more than 8 million pensioners They spend from post offices out of 10.5 million pensioners.

Major General Gamal Awad, head of the National Social Insurance Authority, said, in a telephone interview on the “Ninth” program broadcast on “Al-Oula TV” channel, that it is possible for the pensioner to withdraw his pension from the branches of mobile companies or from any supermarket that has an immediate machine, indicating That they have 45 thousand Fawry machines in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

And he indicated that the goal of disbursing pensions to their beneficiaries through mobile phone wallets is to reduce congestion and pressure on post offices, and incentive benefits will be provided to the citizen in mobile companies, such as obtaining free minutes to motivate the citizen to use electronic wallets to pay the pension.

Payment of pensions through mobile wallets

The National Authority for Social Insurance signed a joint cooperation protocol at the headquarters of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the Smart Village with the aim of making it available and facilitating the payment of pensions to beneficiaries through mobile phone wallets. Cooperation in facilitating the process of disbursing pensions to those entitled to them by providing and making available an easy means.

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