The United Kingdom has punished Alex Saab, the front man of Nicolas Maduro imprisoned in Cape Verde, for corruption

Alex Saab

The British government announced this Thursday Imposition of corruption penalties on five individualsIncluding a Colombian businessman Alex Saab, the front man for Nicolas Maduro; Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, “Theodorin” Obiang, son of President Teodoro Obiang.

British Foreign Secretary, Dominic RabHe announced this through a statement in which he explained it Five people involved in corruption cases were punished in Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Iraq for “Depriving developing countries of vital resources“.

London is among those affected by this measure Difficult and his partner Alvaro Pulido Vargas for “Exploitation of two Venezuelan public programs that have been put in place to provide poor Venezuelans with affordable food and housing“.

Both benefited from improperly awarded contractsThe promised goods were delivered at extremely inflated prices. His actions caused more suffering to the Venezuelans that they were already in poverty for their own enrichment,” he asserted.

Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman of Lebanese origin, is associated with several companies, including Group Grand Limited (GGL), accused of providing food at additional costs to a food aid program for the Maduro regime, known as CLAP.  EFE / Miguel Gutierrez / Archive
Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman of Lebanese origin, is associated with several companies, including Group Grand Limited (GGL), accused of providing food at additional costs to a food aid program for the Maduro regime, known as CLAP. EFE / Miguel Gutierrez / Archive

In this way, the United Kingdom will impose Asset freeze and travel ban For those who have been penalized for making sure they can no longer channel their money through British banks or enter the country.

The statement also confirmed that the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea and the son of the President of that country, Teodoro Obiangpunished”For his involvement in embezzling state funds from his personal bank accounts, corrupt employment agreements, and soliciting bribes To fund a luxurious lifestyle that is not commensurate with his official salary as a government minister.”

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Join them in Zimbabwe! Rygmond Taguirre’s brother-in-law, “To take advantage of asset embezzlement for your company, Sakunda Holdings “and”Zimbabwe government treasury bonds redeemed at up to ten times their official value“.

“His actions accelerated the deflation of the Zimbabwean currency, increasing the prices of essential products, such as food, for Zimbabweans,” the British executive explained.

For his part, the former Iraqi governor of Nineveh said, Nofal Hammadi Al-Sultan, for his role inSerious acts of corruptionincluding embezzlement of public fundsDedicated to reconstruction efforts and support for civilians“.

The actions we have taken today are aimed at the people who have lined up in their pockets at the expense of their fellow citizensRab said.

The UK is committed to fighting the scourge of corruption and holding those responsible for its devastating impact to account. He concluded his speech by saying that corruption drains the wealth of the poorest countries, keeps their people trapped in poverty and poisons the well of democracy.

The UK has imposed sanctions on 27 people around the world since the sanctions regime was launched in April 2021.

Alex Saab's passport
Alex Saab’s passport

Who is Alex Saab?

Alex Saab – of Lebanese origin and born in Barranquilla – is associated with several companies. But his main relationship with Maduro will be completed Group Grand Limited (GGL)Indicated to sell to the system Food at subsidized prices for distribution in slums.

However, both Saab and Maduro They have been accused on various occasions of using the program known as CLAP, for the purpose of Hundreds of millions of dollars were illegally confiscated.

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In fact, the United States sanctioned Saab, along with three sons of two men from Maduro and nine others, in July 2019 for this delicate maneuver.. For this reason, everyone has Freeze all assets or real estate they may have in the United States.

Alex Saab pledged with Maduro’s informants to lead a large-scale corruption network that they brutally used to exploit the starving population of Venezuela. The Treasury targets those behind Maduro’s complex corruption schemes, as well as the global network of shell companies that profit from the former military-controlled regime’s food distribution program.‘, explained at the time the former Treasury Secretary, Stephen Mnuchin.

The corruption network that runs CLAP allowed Maduro and his relatives to steal from the Venezuelan people. They use food as a form of social control, to reward political supporters and punish opponents, while earning hundreds of millions of dollars through a series of fraudulent schemes.“he added.

Although he remained a low-ranking and insignificant businessman in Colombia, Saab’s name appeared in the media when the former Venezuelan attorney general Luisa Ortega accused him in 2017 of being one of Maduro’s most prominent men.

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